The Holi Run | A festival of colors and sports

If you feel like partying and enjoying one of those races that you know will become a mythical memory among yours, we tell you what the Holi Run event is about.

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After this, if anyone had any doubts about the fact that sport is a fun activity, that it can coexist perfectly with music and humor… after the Holi Run 2015 they will never be able to say the same.

A sports career that is inspired by one of the most striking festivals in India, the Festival of Colors that is held at the beginning of spring. On this occasion, our style has been given a touch more, bringing to Spain the first color race in which you will have to cover a distance of 5 kilometers either dancing, walking or running, it’s up to you!

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A race that encourages everyone to enjoy the sport, whether it is with family, friends or with your dog, you can do this race and end up with an impressive range of colors on your body, a moment in which you will not you will be able to stop laughing after the result.

The only thing you need to know is that there are five cities where it will take place until September, this weekend the one in Madrid has already been held and there are still Zaragoza, Guadalajara, Logroño, Valladolid and Valencia.
You have to pre-register for the race and dress in white, then they will give you the official shirt with your number so you can complete the race in style.

In addition, this race is being sponsored by big brands like Isabel, who want to promote the message that health requires a good diet with a bit of sport, humor and joy. If not, take a look at this video and see what you think:

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