Celebrities with hair transplant | Before and after photos of the hair graft

At present if there is a problem that greatly affects the men is hair loss. Alopecia is common in society and is increasing every year.

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For this reason, people go to specialized centers for treatment and hair transplants. That includes celebrities: tennis players, soccer players, actors, singers, … everyone who has problems with their hair has had hair transplants.

Celebrities with hair transplant | Kevin Costner

It is not easy to go from being one of the world leading men in the 80s and 90s, to losing your hair in a worrying way. Kevin Costner sported long hair while dancing with wolves and cut it off to protect Whitney Houston. However, that mane pointed to be lost over the years.

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Despite this, with some incipient entries and a respectable age, the actor kept his attractiveness intact. Although he did not think the same and opted for a hair transplant that has turned out very well. Perhaps one of the best that has been seen among celebrities.

Kevin Costner’s new hair is not only natural and concealed, but it also keeps some entrance, so that it is not so flashy. You can’t go from bald to bare without people being surprised. To get an idea of ​​the result, there is a difference of more than 10 years between the photo above and the one below.

Celebrities with hair transplant | Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey has been in disgrace for several years now and it is difficult for him to return to acting in his life. That does not mean that Hollywood has enjoyed two decades of superb performances that have shown the world the evolution of their alopecia. Already in Usual Suspects (1995) he pointed to imminent baldness. And so it was.

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The actor entered the 21st century with almost total alopecia, so he opted for a more than effective hair transplant. A graft that earned him to be chosen as Frank Underwood, the president of the United States of House of Cards. Her hair, always perfect, was natural and very manageable.

In fact, in a few chapters he comes out with one hair further than another. Good investment Kevin Spacey made.

Celebrities with hair transplant | Hilario Pino

One of the most surprising celebrities with a hair transplant. Hilario Pino went from nothing to everything in a matter of months. The presenter was in charge of the Telecinco News, where he was the channel’s most recognized image and bald head, with the permission of Pedro Piqueras. His receding hairlines, little by little, gave way to an almost total baldness.

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And suddenly, Hilario Pino’s hair grew back. A hair that was accompanied by his signing by Atresmedia, although it was not a condition of the group to sign him.

Hilario Pino did not want half measures. Almost total transplant and, except for a few minimal entries, the hair that has remained is of extreme quality. There are even those who don’t even remember the not-so-distant Hilario Pino with alopecia.

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Celebrities with hair transplant | Jude Law

Jude Law, one of the most handsome Hollywood actors of the new century and another big problem with baldness. Despite his tricks (bangs forward, messy hair…), the British actor’s alopecia was evident. Above all, because the round island that her bangs left her, was too showy.

The solution seemed clear, hair grafting and hair recovery, but in moderation. Jude Law opted for a controlled transplant that would keep his interesting and characteristic entrances. The clearest example of how they have been, could be seen in The Young Pope (HBO), where the good work they had done with his hair was appreciated.

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With a long career still ahead, Jude Law has managed to find the perfect balance between hair and face. It is not easy to give up a full head graft. But of course, when you have Jude Law’s face, you want it to look its best.

Celebrities with hair transplant | Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is a love and hate story with the operating room. After innumerable aesthetic touch-ups, which have come to leave him unrecognizable, it was a matter of time before the hair graft arrived.

Nicolas Cage has always been one to show off long hair, despite his baldness. However, having turned 50 a long time ago, the actor has opted for a not too flashy hair transplant and to keep his hair shorter.

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The advantage of Nicolas Cage is that since his hair has been looking like a lie for 20 years, now the graft is not noticeable. Be that as it may, the actor is still essential in all kinds of rankings.

Celebrities with hair transplant | lebron james

One of the best players in the history of basketball and the NBA. The current Los Angeles Lakers player gradually lost his hair and two years ago he decided to take matters into his own hands and get a hair graft.

As you can see, the graft has been great for Lebron James. Not only has she regained her bangs, but she has also managed to increase the quantity and quality of her hair.

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Celebrities with hair transplant | Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney, who was the great promise of English football, also had to go to a center to get hair grafts. The former Manchester United footballer had problems with alopecia since his youth.

Nowadays, Wayne Rooney has not only returned to Everton, the club of his beginnings, but he has also returned to show off a good amount of hair thanks to the transplant.

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Celebrities with hair transplant | Anthony Conte

Antonio Conte, coach of teams as prestigious as Chelsea or Juventus, who is currently unemployed, was a well-known footballer from Italy. During his time as a player, especially at the end of his career, he had to see how alopecia came into his life.

When his football career ended and he began to lead teams, he also opted for a hair transplant. Currently we can see the miracle of the graft, how it makes her look with an authentic long hair that is envied even by the youngest.

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Celebrities with hair transplant | Iker Casillas

The current Porto goalkeeper, a former Real Madrid player and the World Cup-winning Spain team, also had to get grafts. Little by little it was getting lighter and showing less hair in her bangs, revealing the entrances.

Currently, she has hair with a lot of volume, showing that her hair has accepted the grafts. His move to Porto has not only brought him a good footballing level, but also capillary.

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Celebrities with hair transplant | Rafael Nadal

Few Spanish athletes have had, have or will have the impact that Rafa Nadal has. He who is one of the best athletes in the history of tennis and, in general, of Spanish sports, shows us that baldness does not understand celebrities or athletes.

But Nadal did not wait long to face the problem, so now we can see how he has recovered some hair in the area of ​​the bangs and how he has been able to complete the entire area that showed his baldness.

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Celebrities with hair transplant | Matthew McConaughey

If there is an actor who is fashionable in Hollywood and who does not stop receiving awards and job offers, that is Matthew McConaughey. The actor, star of movies like “Interstellar”, “The Wolf of Wall Street” or “Dallas Buyers Club” also suffered problems with alopecia.

For this reason, Matthew decided to undergo a hair transplant. Where it can be seen the most is especially at the entrances, allowing you to show off a great mane. Although sometimes it is possible that you see him with very short hair or more “left”, but that is because he is a great actor who gets into the character to the bottom.

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Celebrities with hair transplant | Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is another Hollywood actor who suffers from hair loss. Although perhaps, since he is shaved most of the time, he has not attracted so much attention. The actor, from movies like “Baby Driver”, “Django” or “Ray”, still preferred to face the problem and get grafts.

The result of the grafts is incredible. Foxx is not only sporting bangs again, but has also seen how he has gained more hair everywhere. I’m sure now that he’s back to doing a hairstyle worthy of the great actor he is.

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Celebrities with hair transplant | George Clooney

There are few actors who have been on the big scene of North American cinema for so long, one of them is George Clooney. The one who became famous thanks to the series “ER” started when he was young with some hair problems, especially receding hair.

But not only did he start early, but he was also one of the first to remedy the problem. The actor famous for movies like “Argo” or “Syriana” had a hair transplant that continues to place him as one of the most attractive actors.

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Celebrities with hair transplant | Simeone

The current coach of Atlético de Madrid, previously a player on the same team, suffered from alopecia problems. Becoming the best coach in the history of his team requires a lot of work and pressure, which ended up affecting his scalp.

But, after undergoing the transplant, Simeone has real hair. We have seen him with curly, straight, and slicked-back or shorter hair, in the military style.

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As you can see, if you have a problem or complex with your hair loss, you can always go to a hair transplant center. Next we leave you with some more articles from Modaellos.

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