The evolution of the Ray Ban Aviator

The famous Ray Ban sunglasses brand appeared in the United States, and they mainly made collections for the American army, specifically for the air corps. The Aviator model has been, throughout history, one of the most important along with other models of sunglasses. And that is why we want to pay tribute by reviewing the entire history of the Ray Ban Aviator. Do you want to meet her?

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The name of Ray Ban comes from “ray banner” which has the meaning of, for those who do not speak English, “lightning barrier”. Ray Ban was considered the first modern manufacturer of sunglasses and, of course, the one most imitated by other sunglasses brands. From the incredible Ray Ban Aviator, which covered the eyes of American pilots, to the Wayfarer model, immortalized on the big screen. And, by the way, you can buy them, these and other models, at a good price at Gafasworld.

It is one of the few curious cases of a brand of American origin, which was acquired by a European company, more specifically Italian, where they continue to be manufactured today.

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The Ray Ban Aviator model was born with its drop-shaped lenses and was designed to protect the eyes of pilots, who found visors too uncomfortable and could suffer possible glare. The Aviator model was put on sale from the year 37, undergoing, from that date, the different evolutions and today you will see them:

Ray Ban Aviator Small

The Ray Ban Aviator Small became the father model. They had a slightly smaller diameter than their siblings and less color.

Ray Ban Aviator Large Metal

The Ray Ban Aviator Large Metal is currently the best-selling model and the first evolution of the original model.

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Ray Ban Aviator Outdoorsman

The Ray Ban Aviator Otudoorsman, in its evolution, has a bar with a “sweatshirt” and, in addition, it has some temples that end in a “mouse tail”.

Ray Ban Outdoosman with traditional temples

The Outdossman evolved to be seen with traditional temples.

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Ray Ban Aviator Cockpit

The Ray Ban Aviator Cockpit are the ones worn by Tom Cruise in the famous movie Top Gun, do you remember? A model that is currently used by many women.

And what is the model you like the most from the Ray Ban brand? I’m into the classics, as you’ve seen, and I prefer the Aviator.

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