The different methods of hair removal for men

Today, hair removal is no longer something that only corresponds to women. Men shave regularly and as such, they should know that there are different options to choose from. Let’s see below, and in an easy way, what are the different methods of hair removal for men.

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We begin this review of the different methods of hair removal for men by talking about photoepilation, which has been part of our lives for years, for both men and women. We all look for the same final solution to remove hair from unwanted areas and among the different types of hair removal, photoepilation continues to increase in popularity.

This is a type of hair removal in which pulsed light is used that penetrates deeply, until it reaches the hair shaft, considerably weakening it. Unlike the laser that we see below, the pulsed light does not completely damage the hair follicle, that is, the place where hair growth occurs. This type of hair removal is ideal for removing or reducing hair on the back, chest, stomach, shoulders, and genital area. It works best on light skin tones with dark hair; but now technology has created machinery that is suitable for almost all skin types.

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  • Advantages: The main advantage of this type of hair removal is its effectiveness, and that it hardly hurts. In fact, you won’t notice anything as you undergo more sessions. It is also a clean method that must be performed in a specialized center.
  • Disadvantages: The main disadvantage of using a method such as photoepilation will be the economic expense that it entails. In addition, it does not have a permanent effect, although it will be long-lasting. Over time or a couple of times a year you will have to undergo the treatment again.

Laser hair removal

What do you think about laser hair removal? It is quite popular with women, and it seems that it is beginning to be popular with men as well. This type of hair removal is performed in specialized centers and helps to permanently eliminate hair.

For this hair removal, as in photoepilation, a pulsed light or laser is used that, due to overheating, weakens the hair bulb, so that it causes the hair to disappear easily. It is a treatment indicated for the whole body, it is even said that it is possible for eyebrow waxing, but any treatment is recommended to be evaluated zone by zone with a professional or specialist.

  • Advantages: The results are permanent and are obtained after a few sessions Little by little the hairs become weak and do not grow back. In addition, it is a treatment that does not particularly hurt: the handpiece used to shoot the light cools the skin with an anesthetic effect. Some areas, like the groin, are more sensitive than the legs, but any discomfort lasts only a second.
  • Disadvantages: after a few years, the hairs can reform, generally smaller and scarcer. However, the results can be maintained with maintenance sessions, reduced in time. It is a treatment that is only performed in specialized centers. There are machines to use at home, but they are less powerful than the professional ones.
  • Waxing

    Waxing is one of the hair removal methods most used by women, and it is also for men. This is a hair removal method in which the results last two to three weeks, but it is not always 100% effective, especially if the hair is particularly thick and dense, something that happens in many men.

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    Also, pulling the strip off with wax, especially the first few times, is an experience that can be somewhat painful. Recommended for shaving legs, underarms, arms, buttocks, back, and groin.

  • Advantages: Compared to other popular methods that we will see later, waxing allows the skin to remain smooth for several days. Then, when the hairs begin to appear, they remain soft, without that annoying sensation of noticing how the shaved area itches or “scratches”. For long-lasting results, waxing at a salon once a month is best. Waxing removes hair. It does not cut it as it happens with the blades for example. The consequence? Tear after tear, the hair thins, the pain decreases and the hairs become scarcer.
  • Disadvantages: in addition to pain, it can cause irritation, folliculitis or discomfort. If the skin is particularly delicate, the tearing of the wax can cause a slight abrasion of the skin, with consequent redness. Waxing is not recommended in case of capillary fragility problems or varicose veins and phlebitis, because the fine capillaries can break easily.
  • Other hair removal methods

    In addition to those mentioned, there are other hair removal methods for men as we explain now:


    Arguably the most common method for men to shave their legs, armpits and chest.

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  • Advantages: the razor is practical, cheap and fast, it is used in the shower on all parts of the body. In a few minutes, the skin is licked and shaved.
  • Disadvantages: even after a day, the skin is no longer smooth, but starts to itch. At this stage, it is not recommended to take up the blade and shave again. The skin can become irritated and red. A good rule of thumb is to shave at least every other day. Other disadvantages? If the blades are not sharp, the skin can ignite and cause folliculitis. On the contrary, if the blades are very sharp, you can easily cut them.
  • Hair removal creams

    Depilatory creams are a method of hair removal that is chemical in nature. It is based on the action of a particular acid substance that can break the chemical bond that keeps the hair inside the follicle. Applying hair removal cream means being able to remove hair at the exact point where it emerges on the surface. It does not act on the follicle or on the bulb, as it happens with wax. It can be used all over the body, but avoiding intimate areas.

  • Advantages: depilatory cream is quite cheap. A tube to shave the chest and legs costs from 5 to 12 euros, and can be bought in the cosmetics department of any supermarket. Easy and quick to use, it is spread over the area to be epilated, left in place for a few minutes and then rinsed off. The skin is immediately smooth as the cream also acts as an exfoliant. The treatment is not painful and the results last a few days longer than with the blade.
  • Disadvantages: Acting chemically can irritate the skin, cause folliculitis and ingrown hairs. For this reason, before spreading the cream anywhere, it is recommended to test it on a small area of ​​the body to see if you are allergic to any component. The results do not last more than a week. Due to the particular chemicals contained in the product, it has a particularly unpleasant odor.
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