Cristiano Ronaldo’s underpants line

Footballer, model and now designer. Cristiano Ronaldo became an entrepreneur in the world of fashion and has seen good business in underpants. For this reason, it launches its first line of underwear in collaboration with the firm JBS Textile Group. The underpants will go on sale starting in November, but we already have a preview of the advertising campaign in which Cristano Ronaldo himself is the image.

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Cristiano Ronaldo intends to compete with the father of soccer players/models, David Beckham, who was the first to pose for Armani and years later designed his own clothing collection for the H&M chain.

According to JBS Textile Group:

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“It is important to JBS that the people we work with represent the values ​​of our company. Who better to represent the unsurpassed quality than one of the best soccer players in the world?”

We will see the new designs and creations of the Portuguese crack in two different collections. The first intended for the youngest and the second for people who like to be fashionable and keep up with the latest trends.

Now I leave you with the promotional video for Cristiano Ronaldo’s underwear campaign.

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