The Converse All Star continue to sweep

Men are increasingly taking more care of their way of dressing, and a good man dresses by his feet. There are more and more footwear for us, and some shoes that are causing a sensation since last season are the Converse All Star. After years hidden in the closet, last season they swept the men’s sector, who found in these shoes a complement ideal for any type of event.

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They were made fashionable, among others, by the group El Canto del Loco, who on the cover of one of their albums brought out old All Stars that were so used. Do you remember? In addition, all the members of the group always wore these shoes and on some occasion they recognized that they wore the same ones in all the concerts because it gave them luck.

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Converse has realized the gold mine they have with this shoe and that is why this year we can see lots of models in different colors, patterns and materials in many stores. There are checkered, striped, patterned, colored, high-top and low-top, with and without laces. The price of the All Star depends on the model, but they are affordable shoes that are also very comfortable to wear daily.

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