The Between-Season Look

Spring arrives and, little by little, we have to change the clothes in our closet to start introducing the new ones for our “between-season” looks. They are perfect for days between hot and cold. This is one of the looks that I like the most and I am here to introduce you to one of many that I have. Spring is here, the “Halftime” look is here. Let’s start!

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The short-sleeved polo shirt has become, over time, one of the protagonists of spring-summer campaigns. A classic that will never ever go out of style. They have a very loyal audience of all ages, including me. It is enough to go out into the street to realize that they are garments chosen by everyone, from the child to the older man.

One of my preferences when it comes to dressing is usually the shirt, but sometimes I like to take the poles for a walk. These are garments that mix formality and comfort in their style. Today I present to you my Hollister Polo in white. Perfect to combine with knitted cardigans, which are a trend for this spring/summer.

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With spring comes color: Pants in different shades

In the spring all the flowers begin to appear, and our landscapes begin to be surrounded by all possible colors. Fashion is no stranger to that and for this spring season, colors are the base, filling our legs with them. You don’t have to be any luminary to realize that the vast majority of firms, at least the low cost ones, make millions of shades available to us to choose the one we like best.

And for this occasion I have opted for the burgundy color in ZARA chinos. A pair of pants that I already chose in one of my last weekly looks. For a casual style, comfort is very important. Therefore, the choice of chino pants is more than correct.

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