The Best ZARA perfumes for men 2023

Are you looking for a special aroma? Are you tired of everyone recognizing you as soon as you enter a place by the smell of your perfume? If the time has come to choose the ideal perfume, let’s take a look at the best Zara perfumes for men in 2023.

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Perfume experts give us some general advice when deciding on a new fragrance, for example, if you are not sure if you should buy that perfume for yourself, listen to the seller’s advice, ask your friends for their opinion close, but at the end of the day, it’s you who should love that scent, if not, it’s best to find another.

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Several years have passed since ZARA began to launch perfumes and although at first it did so very occasionally and only for women, they currently have a wide variety of perfumes and fragrances for both women and men. In the case of the latter we can find, in fact, some of the best valued colognes and perfumes of the year since they achieve exquisite aromas and fragrances, which also last all day, but without the need to pay a lot of money. If you want to know them, these are the ones that we present to you now.

Vetiver Pamplemousse

The first of the perfumes that we want to present to you is this Vetiver Pamplemousse created by Jo Malone for the Zara Emotions Collection, which was launched quite some time ago (in 2020) but which has become the best seller among the firm’s perfumes of Inditex.

A perfume that has an ethereal, clean and sparkling personality, evoking a bright and sunny summer day. The fresh notes represent a reference to an iconic garment: the white cotton shirt. (Grapefruit / Tangerine / Vetiver). A perfume for all kinds of occasions that you can buy in a 40 ml bottle for €15.95.

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#Tobbaco Collection Rich Hot Addictive

Released this 2023, Tobbaco Collection Rico Caliente Adictivo is an updated version of the original 2016 fragrance. This fragrance opens with a fragrant and slightly spicy peony drenched in boozy sweet rum. Spicy/sweet vanilla bourbon in the base brings bursts of smoke and musk to produce an elegant masculine aroma. With 5+ hour longevity, this is a long-lasting fragrance (especially for the price) with decent sillage and projection.

As for when to wear, the underlying warmth of this fragrance makes it an elegant evening fragrance for the cooler fall and winter months. Think fun and cozy nights in.

Overall, this fragrance is a great all-rounder that we recommend to anyone looking to dabble in their first Zara men’s fragrance. Its price for a 100 ml bottle is 14.95 euros.

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Vibrant Leather Parfum de Liberté

Vibrant Leather Parfum by Liberté is another of the best men’s perfumes that we currently have at Zara. Launched in 2018 and created by Jerome Epinette, this woody fragrance is elegant and sophisticated.

Vibrant Leather opens with crisp bergamot and a hint of lemon. These soon soften to reveal a heart of rich bamboo and sumptuous leather; finally, the heady earthy note of patchouli in the base adds depth. This is an extremely striking masculine scent.

This fragrance lasts for 3-4 hours, so while it’s not for all day wear, it certainly lasts long enough for many other occasions.

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As for when to wear it, Vibrant Leather is a bright and vibrant daytime fragrance best suited to the warm spring and summer months.

Vibrant Leather is a crowd-pleasing everyday men’s fragrance that is easy to wear and replicates some other well-known fragrances. This is a fragrance to consider if you want something a little unique. It is sold in a 100 ml bottle for €19.95.

ZARA Extreme 9.0 Eau de Toilette

ZARA Extreme 9.0 Eau de Toilette is a woody/spicy men’s fragrance that was launched in 2020. It is a modern, warm and intense fragrance that has a slight Dior Homme touch.

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This fragrance has a spicy opening of cardamom and pepper with a hint of lavender. A woody heart of vetiver and cedar leads to a soothing base of warm amber, vetiver and deep cedar.

It is a long-lasting fragrance with moderate sillage and projection, making it more suitable for daily use when you do not want your scent to have too much impact.

Overall, Zara 9.0 Extreme is a sophisticated, warm and spicy men’s fragrance that is easy to wear and also sells at a great price. It is sold in a 100 ml bottle at a price of €12.95.

ZARA Extreme 8.0 Eau de Toilette

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ZARA Extreme 8.0 Eau de Toilette is another fragrance that stands out among ZARA perfumes. Similar to the previous one, it is also compared to some Calvin Klein fragrances. An aromatic marine fragrance that offers freshness, comfort and modernity.

This fragrance opens with a tasty note of bergamot, fresh mint and fresh marine notes. Violet and geranium continue the summer vibe. The base of musk, patchouli and amber is light but certainly noticeable.

Zara Extreme 8.0 has a moderate sillage along with 3+ hour longevity, but lasts much longer when sprayed on clothing.

As for when to wear it, with its citrusy and minty nature, this is more of a spring/summer scent when you want to smell clean and fresh.

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Overall, Zara Extreme 8.0 is a great new to wear every day, it is light and easy to wear. It is sold in a 100 ml bottle at a price of €12.95.

Fleur D’Oranger

Fleur D’Oranger is a fragrance dedicated to important moments to remember and celebrate. A first meeting, a first date, a beautiful wedding. The orange flowers represent the aroma of family, love and smiles within this fragrance that is so fresh and successful that we can even buy it in candle format. It is sold in a 90 ml bottle plus a 15 ml gift. The price is €29.95.

Ebony Wood

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Finally, we also have Ebony Wood which, as the first one we have recommended, was created in 2019 by Jo Malone for the Zara Emotions Collection. A perfume that is inspired by a beautiful vintage car that drives down the Pacific Coast Highway. A fragrance with a masculine, strong and determined character. Among its main notes we find Black Pepper / Clove / Ebony Wood. It is still for sale so we cannot miss the opportunity to get hold of it if we also take into account that its intense fragrance makes it perfect as a night perfume. It is sold in a 90 ml bottle plus a 15 ml gift bottle. The price is €29.95.

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