The best way to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day: “Valentine’s Sun”

A little while ago we gave you the gifts for Valentine’s Day 2020 with which you will always be right, but today I want to give you something to surprise your partner with. Leave the classic chocolates for another and take the risk of preparing this cocktail that we have baptized “El Sol de San Valentín”. A perfect cocktail to surprise and add some warmth to these cold days. Are you up to it?

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With this cold determined to cover the peninsula with ice and white, the day par excellence for couples is coming, Valentine’s Day, and what better way to liven up the evening than with a cocktail. Today I propose “El Sol de San Valentín”, a perfect cocktail to appease the cold day with which Valentine’s Day will start, which has a touch of tangerine. Who’s up to surprise their partner?

“Valentine’s Sun”

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  • You will need the juice of 2 tangerines, approximately 60ml (1/4 of a glass).
  • Lemon juice, about 15 milliliters.
  • Cointreau or as I like to call it, a triple sec.
  • Vodka, about 45 milliliters.
  • Optional: Sugar and a sprig of rosemary.
  • Shall we start?

  • Frost the glasses you are going to use.*
  • Squeeze the tangerines and the lemon to turn them into juice.
  • Pour the juices into a cocktail shaker, it is important that it does not have ice.
  • Add Vodka and Cointreau and shake.
  • Take the already frosted glasses from the freezer.
  • Serve the mixture in the glass decorated with the sprig of rosemary to give it an aromatic touch.
  • * To frost the glasses you must moisten the edge with a little juice, for example mandarin juice and you must place it upside down on a plate mixing a little sugar with lemon and tangerine zest. With this you will ensure that the sugar is well adhered and the cocktail acquires a special flavor.

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