The best waxes for hair: types and styles

Over time, wax has been increasing its relevance and presence in the sector male. Much softer and more natural than gel, we tell you which are the best hair waxes: types and styles

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The best waxes for hair

The best waxes for hair are those that fulfill their function without damaging the scalp. In fact, the price differences between one and the other are tremendous. These are the best waxes for hair.

  • American Crew Fiber

One of the best hair waxes on the market, as it leaves no residue on the hair. In addition, it does not leave it greasy or weighed down. The finish of the American Crew Fiber wax is matte and lasts for hours. It is composed of fibrous resins that also protect hair from dehydration

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The price of American Crew Fiber is 12.30 euros

  • Sante natural fixing wax

Sante natural fixing wax originates from organic farming. It is not tested on animals and its ingredients are all natural. Thus, elements such as coconut oil or beeswax are main in its formula. Obviously, its smell is powerful and very sweet. It does not stain and its finish is glossy.

The price of Sante natural fixing wax is 8 euros

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  • Luckyfine Hair Wax

Luckyfine Hair Wax has one of the best and most recognizable scents in the wax business. This product also offers a natural finish and its texture is very pleasant to the touch. It is very easy to apply and the bottle in which it is presented is very large. In this case, the wax has a gloss finish, so it can sometimes stain. Let it dry well.

The price of Luckyfine Hair Wax is

  • L’Oreal Professionel Homme 3 Force Sculpt

L’Oreal Professionel Homme 3 Force Sculpt wax has a fibrous texture, ideal for any type of hairstyle. It is one of the best waxes for hair and one of the most durable. In addition, it is one of the ones with the best value for money

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The price of L’Oreal Professionel Homme 3 Force Sculpt is 13.90 euros

  • Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Mess Up

One of the reference brands in hair care also has one of the best hair waxes on the market. Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Mess Up offers a natural result to the look, but allowing total control over it. It has a matte finish and doesn’t weigh it down

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It is created based on pigments and carnauba wax, ingredients that prolong the effects of wax. Also, the smell is intense but very pleasant. It is ideal for short hair and can be applied both wet and dry.

The price of Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Mess Up is 6.90 euros

  • Bed Head by TIGI Shaping Paste

The wax for the most daring and radical hairstyles is Bed Head by TIGI Styling Paste. Provides a malleable but very long-lasting hold and does not weigh hair down. It is very recognizable among the best hair waxes for its fruit gum smell. The brand itself recommends it for short hair. It is matte but leaves some shine on the hair.

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The price of Bed Head by TIGI Shaping paste is 10.30 euros

The different types of hair waxes

The different types of hair waxes will determine, above all, the finish they will give to your look. Today, a distinction is made between two different types of hair waxes: gloss and matte.

  • Gloss type waxes – They are the ones that leave the hair with a wet effect. The look is very similar to what the gel would leave, but the hair is much looser, more manageable and natural.
  • Matt type waxes – In this case, the matt type wax leaves the hair dull, as if it were dry and freshly washed. Of course, it allows us to shape and handle it as best suits us.

Hair wax styles

Before seeing the styles of hair waxes, it is convenient to know how to apply the wax correctly. And it is that, despite its massive use, not everyone applies it properly and the result is not ideal.

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Thus, to achieve the effect we want, we must know how to apply the wax to the hair:

  • Wax Nut – Take a small amount of wax between your fingertips and rub it together with your hands to warm it up for better application.
  • Application – With the tips of your fingers, you see applying the wax on the hair, giving it shape while you cast it. Do not start applying it on the same scalp, but two centimeters higher. This is how we ensure that the hair follicles do not become clogged and we prevent the appearance of grease and the hair from appearing dirty.
  • Styling – When the wax is applied to all the hair, it is time to give the final shape to the look. To do this, use your hand or a comb. If you want to secure completely, you can give it a touch with the dryer.

When removing the wax, just wash your hair. You will notice, of course, that with the passage of time, the hair presents a more oily appearance than usual. It is due to the sebum that generates the wax. This sebum goes away normally when you wash your hair.

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Once we know how to apply it, it’s time to get to know the styles of hair waxes. Basically, the most common looks that we can create with this revolutionary product.

  • Tousled – If you have short hair and like to wear it tousled, wax is the ideal product. Not only does it keep the look casual, but it gives it a natural look
  • Toupee – Sometimes it is not necessary to apply the wax to all the hair. It is enough to do it only on the toupee that we can put on its side or up, as we want.
  • Back – The slicked back look is much more natural with a wax. The hair does not appear greasy or hard, but remains combed but with a clean and spotless appearance.

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