The best waterproof boots 2021

During the winter season it is important to wrap up well with basic garments such as coats, or wool sweaters, but we cannot forget about footwear. In recent years, it also seems that waterproof boots have become fashionable, perfect for facing rainy, cold and snowy days. Let us know then, the best waterproof boots 2021.

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The best waterproof boots 2021

There are many models of boots and ankle boots that we can currently buy for men, but not all of them are appropriate for low temperatures. That is why we have made a selection in which we can find the best models that are waterproof.

Sorel Caribou boot

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The first of the waterproof boots for men that stands out for 2021 is the Sorel Caribou boot model, but not because it is a novelty in itself, but because it has kept the feet of many men warm for more than 45 years. Its vulcanized leather and nubuck upper provides excellent resistance against snow, while the sherpa lining allows you to walk outdoors even in temperatures as low as -40ºC. The ideal boot also for stepping on the asphalt, but also in the event that you are an adventurer and decide to go out into the mountains.

Hanwag Alaska Winter GTX Boot

The snow that has covered the streets of many cities in Spain as soon as 2021 began, has caused many people to run out and buy waterproof boots and one of the best-selling online models was the Hanwag Alaska Winter GTX boot, which is also a great choice for long walks as well as for those people who usually go for a walk in the woods or nature even in winter. Its G-Loft Fit insulation makes it ideal for subzero temperatures, while its GORE-TEX lining and IceGrip sole let you walk on icy and snowy ground.

Merrell Norsehund Omega Mid Cut Boot

Sometimes, a simple walk to the bus stop can become a dangerous adventure, especially if we take into account how winters have been lately. But there’s no need to fear snow or ice when you opt for the Norsehund Omega mid-cut boot from Merrell. Waterproof, this specially insulated boot offers one of the best grips with its 5.5mm crampons. One of the best boots that you can currently find on the market if what you are looking for is footwear to be able to face frost, and especially the slippery ground caused by ice. With it, it will be impossible for you to slip.

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Seton TL Boots

Also among the best waterproof boots for this 2021, we have to highlight the Seton TL boot from the Australian brand UGG. A boot model that has it all, with its waterproof leather upper, low profile and comfortable UGG pure wool lining (resistant to -20). Its adherent Treadlite sole will also prevent you from slipping on frozen or snow-covered ground.

Bogs Classic High Boot

Among the best waterproof boots for men 2021, we also have to talk about rain boots and among the best, there is nothing like opting for the Bogs Classic High boots.

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Completely waterproof, it is made of high-performance rubber, even in torrential rain. Its EveDry lining also allows your feet to breathe and moisture to escape. Try them and you will see why they will become essential boots in winter.

Baffin Snow Monster Boot

Life does not end with the arrival of winter. For clearing snow on your driveway, staying outside all day (for example if you work outdoors) or working outside in the depths of winter, the Baffin Snow Monster boot is your go-to. Resistant to -70 ° C, it has a Polar lining and an upper part in Timberwolf leather and waterproof nylon. With them you can go out every day, even if you live in an area with constant snowfall, rain and frost.

The North Face Back-to-Berkeley Leather Boot

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This is a perfect boot for the city. At just 500g per boot, the Back-to-Berkeley Leather Boot is lightweight and insulated enough to protect your feet from the winter chill. Inside, Primaloft Silver Eco insulation (made from 70% recycled material) is compressible and helps to insulate the boot well without adding extra weight. The TNF Winter Grip sole and IcePick crampons finally offer excellent resistance to icy sidewalks.

Kamik Icebreaker Boots

The Kamik Icebreaker insulated icebreaker boots are also one of the best waterproof boots we can buy this year. Quite tall, it will protect you from icy puddles and prevent snow from creeping in.

On very cold days (up to -40), you just have to tie the collar of the boot as tight as possible to protect your foot from the wind. This Kamik boot offers excellent protection against the cold and at an extremely favorable price.

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Dr. Martens Iowa WP Boot

Stay on trend this winter with the Iowa Wp boot from Dr. Martens. Sleek, warm and waterproof, this boot offers the typical Dr. Martens style that everyone knows. Constructed from Black Republic WP leather and highly durable water and sleet repellent nylon, this boot will provide you with style and comfort for the winter ahead. Beneath it , the WinterGrip sole ultimately prevents slipping on snowy passages . A beautiful addition to your wardrobe that is also one of the best waterproof boot models of this 2021.

Blundstone 1392 boot

To finish, some elegant Chelsea-type boots that may also be one of the best waterproof boots because they belong to Blundstone, an American firm specialized in making footwear appropriate for winter although with elegant and refined designs. They have various models, but if we have to choose one, we prefer the 1392 boots, which stand out for their urban look and incredible versatility. Made of waterproof leather and stitching that prevents sleet from seeping in, it has a shearling insole and a warm Thinsulate lining.

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Its XRD insole absorbs shock when you walk, while its TPU sole provides good grip on icy sidewalks. But aside from its technical aspects, we’re especially fans of its looks. Perfect for a local cafe, the trails or at work, it fits all.

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