The best vitamins for hair loss

Our pace of life, day-to-day stress or external aggressions from the environment are just some of the elements that they can lead our stick to fall. Luckily, science is advancing and there are more and more options to prevent this from happening, without the need for operations or grafts. Before that, try the best vitamins for hair loss and you will see the amazing result they offer you.

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Before you jump into trying some of the best vitamins for hair loss, you should know which vitamins are best for your hair. And it is that, whatever the problem that causes the fall, many of them are already provided by some natural foods. And it is that, rather than wondering why my hair is falling out, it turns out to solve the matter.

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  • Vitamin A – Eggs or carrots are tremendous sources of Vitamin A and promote hair elasticity, preventing it from breaking easily.
  • Vitamin B – We find it, above all, in red meat, but also in dairy products. The properties of Vitamin B help the hair follicle to widen its thickness, thus allowing hair to come out more easily. If that hole does not get bigger and, in addition, it contains traces of embedded dirt, that is when it ends up clogging and stop creating new hair.
  • Vitamin C – Vegetables, tomatoes or citrus fruits have industrial amounts of Vitamin C. The antioxidant effect is one of its great properties and it will make your hair stronger and less brittle.
  • Biotin – Known as Vitamin B7 is considered the most powerful vitamin to nourish hair. In fact, any anti-loss capsule that we check will be loaded with Biotin. Foods such as chicken, fish and bananas provide it naturally to the body.

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Now that we know how to get them naturally, it’s time to take a look at the best vitamins for hair loss.

Vitacrecil Complex

Among the best vitamins for hair loss we find Vitacrecil Complex, one of the most well-known and effective options on the market. And it is because, in addition to providing nutrition to the hair and preventing its loss, it also helps to strengthen the nails, which makes many clients try it this way as well.

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With a formulation based on L-Cystine, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6, Biotin, Iron and Zinc, Vitacrecil Complex also has a Forte option where the presence of L-Cyscine and Iron is increased. In both cases, a vitamin content that stops hair loss and does so at a more than reasonable price.

And it is that the box of 90 capsules costs 18 euros. It is also sold in formats of 60 and 180 capsules, even in sachets for those who find it difficult to take the pills. In addition, Vitacrecil Complex is suitable for diabetic, celiac and lactose intolerant users.

Iraltone Forte

From the hand of Cantabria Labs comes Iraltone Forte, a food supplement that slows down hair aging and hair loss, as well as recovering its volume and strength. Indicated for severe cases of brittle, dull hair, without volume and with a large amount of hair loss, it can be taken at any age because it also provides a tremendous nutritional contribution, in times of greater fatigue, stress or effort.

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Composed of L-Cystine, L-Glutathione, Zinc, Copper, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B6, it also helps to recover the health and strength of the nails. The manufacturer recommends not taking more than one tablet a day (better at breakfast and accompanied by water). Thus, with the 120-capsule format, we will have four months of treatment for just under 40 euros, which is a more than reasonable price.

Lambdapil Hair Loss

With ISDIN’s quality guarantee, Lambdapil Hair Loss is presented, a product as effective as its name is difficult to pronounce. Of course, Lambdapil Anti-Hair Loss can boast of being one of the best vitamins for hair loss whose effectiveness has been proven.

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Its formulation is created with a complex based on saw palmetto repens, key to stopping hair loss. Ingredients such as L-Cystine, Taurine, Zinc Sulfate, Vitamin B3, Horsetail, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Silicon and Biotin are added to this base.

The best thing is that Lambdapil Anti-Hair Loss not only stops hair loss dry, but also helps to recover and stimulates the growth of new hair.

It does so by stimulating the hair follicle and recovering the key sebaceous secretion in the appearance of new hair. It achieves this thanks to the tremendous action of Serenoa Repens, which favors the normal synthesis of, among other things, keratin, essential for the growth of new hair.

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For just under 35 euros, we have a pack of two boxes of 60 capsules available. If we take into account that the recommendation is to take two pills a day, this treatment would last us two months, plenty of time to start noticing the effects.

Innéov Densilogy

Good advertising can turn any product into a super seller, but only those with quality remain in the top sales. This is the case of Innéov Densilogy, one of the best vitamins for hair loss, also one of the most publicized in the media and, despite this, with proven and demonstrable efficacy.

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It is estimated that a man loses about 100 hairs a day. This, at the end of the year, represents the not inconsiderable figure of 36,500 hairs. Many of them are lost when the vital membrane that unites each hair with the bulb breaks while it is growing. Well, Innéov Densilogy provides this bulb with the necessary nutrients to strengthen it and thus promote hair growth. It achieves this thanks to a formulation based on Vitamin D, Omega 3 and Zinc.

When taking it, the manufacturer recommends taking two capsules daily, preferably during a meal. To do so, we must buy the box with 60 capsules that is around 30 euros and would last us a month. If we want the greatest effectiveness, the manufacturer recommends a treatment of at least three months, which would lead to an investment of 180 euros to stop hair loss, even recover it.

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