The best vitamins for hair growth

Those who have good hair do everything possible to take care of it; those who suffer its fall, do even more to preserve it. Especially in autumn and spring, the fall is even more pronounced. To slow it down, even stop it, we show you the best vitamins for hair growth.

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And, despite the fact that hair grafts are the order of the day, there are those who prefer to keep their natural hair as long as possible. Following a proper routine, using quality products and applying the best vitamins for hair growth, it is possible to achieve it.

We will find this type of supplement on the market, above all, in the form of capsules and with a commercial name. However, it is convenient to know which are the vitamins that are included in their ingredients to promote this hair growth:

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  • Vitamin C – This vitamin helps to generate collagen, a substance that favors the elasticity and strength of the hair.
  • Biotin – Promotes the creation of keratin, essential for hair, as well as generating essential acids for hair to grow.
  • Folic acid – Reinforces the ends, strengthens the hair and also favors its growth.
  • Vitamin B5 – Recovers the follicles so that they can continue to generate hair. By the way, it adds shine and softness to existing hair.
  • Vitamin B12 – Provides a point of softness to the hair, in addition to preventing its fall. Its formulation makes the hair follicles receive the necessary nutrients to grow hair.

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The question is, what to do with our hair when we have it long, strong and shiny? As simple as taking hold of one of the best haircuts that are easy to style and fall in love with. These are the best vitamins for hair growth

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Nature’s Bounty Jelly Beans

Some jellies that prevent hair loss, promote hair growth and come in gummy format? It’s possible? Wow yes it is. Nature’s Bounty gummies contain biotin, vitamin C and vitamin E. Basically, they are a powerful antioxidant that strengthens hair and helps recover hair that is about to fall out.

They are sold in a jar of 220 jelly beans and have a strawberry flavor.

Healthinfoods Hairbooster pills

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The Healthinfoods Hairbooster Pills are, without a doubt, one of the most complete in terms of ingredients. With a high concentration of plant extracts, vitamins and minerals, its formulation includes biotin, vitamins C and B, zinc, omega 3, GLA, L cystine, iron or folic acid.

The result is healthier, shinier hair, without dandruff and hydrated, with an extra contribution of collagen. Among the advantages of Healthinfoods Hairbooster Tablets is that they also enhance these benefits in the beard.

Skin, Nails and hair tablets Solgar Formula

One of the best vitamins for hair growth and one of the best considered for its effectiveness. More than 70 years of research to stop hair loss have made Solgar a benchmark.

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Thus, its current formula based on OptiMSM, silica, copper, zinc, amino acids and vitamin C, not only increases hair growth, but also improves the appearance of skin and nails. To do this, Solgar pills promote the synthesis of collagen in the body, enhancing the antioxidant work of the body itself.

Hair Nutricosmetic Pills

Brewer’s yeast is the magic ingredient of Hair Nutricosmetic pills. In combination with others such as zinc, vitamin E, vitamin B, copper, calcium, iron and phosphorus, they restore the vitality, quality and health of the hair, stopping hair loss and increasing its shine, by multiplying the creation of keratin.

In addition, the bottle of Hair Nutricosmetic pills comes with 180 units, so each one will last up to three months (there are two that we must take a day)

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Sugar Bear Hair Jelly Beans

Biotin, coconut oil, folic acid, vitamin A, B12, C, B5 and specific nutrients so that hair recovers its shine and naturalness, as well as stopping it from falling out. Sugar Bear Hair gummies, in addition to a very complete formulation, have gained great popularity for being advertised by well-known influencers.

This product is also vegan, gluten-free and is not manufactured with animal abuse. In addition, it assures in its leaflet that in three months, taking two pills a day, the results begin to be noticed. In this case, we would need three jars, since 60 jelly beans come.

Sanaexpert Haar Forte vitamins

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Vegan and vegetarian product whose formulation is 100% natural. Sanaexpert Haar Forte Vitamins are created with essential micronutrients that boost cell renewal and aid hair growth, while helping it regain its strength.

Pearl millet is the star ingredient of these Sanaexpert Haar Forte Vitamins. In combination with biotin, zinc and vitamin B5, they improve collagen production, making hair grow. By the way, they also enhance the health of the skin and nails. Visible results in eight weeks and hair that will considerably multiply its growth.

Biotin Complex Nutridix

Biotin Complex Nutridix pills are perhaps the best known in this segment. With a vegetarian formulation, based on zinc, vitamins and selenium, it does not contain any contaminants, enhancing the quality of its ingredients.

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In each of the Biotin Complex Nutridix pills we find a dose of 10,000 mcg that protect and care for hair, but also nails and skin. Biotin helps stop hair loss, helping it to grow back with much more strength and health. Meanwhile, zinc and selenium give it a natural shine. Each bottle contains 120 capsules.

iRestore Hair Gummies

In the shape of colored fruits, iRestore gummies are formulated with biotin, vitamin C and vitamin E. To these ingredients are added others such as coconut oil, carrot juice, turmeric or pectin. Now, it’s its polychromatic presentation that draws attention.

Commercialized in bottles of 60 pills, iRestore gummies achieve thicker and healthier hair, stopping hair loss and helping the appearance of new hair. In addition, these pills are vegan, not tested on animals, and their colorings are of plant origin.

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