The best tips and tricks to protect your hair on the beach

With the arrival of summer, we all think about what yourself: rest, vacations, naps and, above all, the beach. The beach is the vacation paradigm and the aspiration of most people in summer. Now, what not everyone thinks about is the consequences that the beach can have on your hair. So that you have it in mind, we tell you the best tips and tricks to protect your hair on the beach

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But how can we know if our hair needs care or protection? As easy as checking if it is drier than usual, low hydrated, even if it has lost color. If so, even if it doesn’t happen to you, it doesn’t hurt to prevent rather than cure. Take a look at the best tips and tricks to protect your hair on the beach and apply the one you see fit.

The best tips and tricks to protect your hair on the beach

As we have mentioned, the best tips and tricks to protect your hair on the beach can help you save your hair but also prevent greater evils. Even if you have it perfect, it is preferable that you do not risk it

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Keratin is the most abundant protein in the horse. With the action of elements such as the sun, sea salt or sand, it loses strength and this leads to weaker hair, without shine or life.

To recover the usual levels, all you have to do is apply a keratin treatment that will substantially improve the health of your hair. You can apply it yourself, but you can also do it at a hairdresser.

Sun protection for your hair

If you put sunscreen on your skin because the sun is shining directly on it, why not do the same with your hair. What’s more, there are many people who are unaware of the existence of sunscreens for hair. Now that you know, you should start using them.

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In fact, as with sunscreens for the skin, those for the hair also come in two formats: cream and spray. Obviously, they do not have the same formulation. Although they coincide in the protection against ultraviolet rays, sunscreens for hair have essential oils and vitamins that, in addition to protecting, nourish hair from root to tip.

Sunscreens for your hair can be applied whenever you consider appropriate. It is especially recommended to do it when leaving the water, since the salt will have left a lot of protection in the sea. A bottle will cover you, because it is enough to apply a small amount and distribute it from the middle of the hair to the ends

Rinse your hair when you get out of the water

In sea water, the amount of saltpeter is highly harmful to hair. One of the best tips and tricks to protect your hair on the beach is also one of the simplest.

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As easy as rinsing your hair with fresh water whenever you get out of the sea. The usual thing is that you have showers on the beach, to which you go to do this procedure. If there aren’t any, you can take a bottle with fresh water to remove the salt whenever you leave the sea.

As an addition, we tell you that if you do the last rinse with cold water, your hair will get a greater benefit. We are not saying that you rinse all the time with cold water, because there are people who can’t stand it, but that the last blow is with cold water. In this case, we will improve blood circulation, we will eliminate the residues that have remained and, in addition, we will activate one more point of shine.

Quality products

Regardless of whether you have short or longer hair, in summer you should invest a little more in the products you apply to your hair. Summer external agents are much more aggressive with your hair, starting with the sun and heat, but the beach adds sand, sea or saltpeter, among other elements. Thus, everything you do to take care of your hair will be little.

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To begin with, the products you should buy have to be of quality and, if possible, specific for your hair type. In this way, in addition to the usual shampoo, try to apply a conditioner to nourish and repair your hair, giving it an extra hydration point.

On the other hand, every time you go to the beach, you should apply a moisturizing mask to your hair. If it can be on the beach, all the better, so when you get home, just wash your hair and you’ll notice that it’s like new, silky and shiny.

Wet your hair before entering the sea

It is a very easy gesture to do, it costs nothing and, nevertheless, one of the best tips and tricks to protect your hair on the beach. Before entering the sea, remember to wet your hair. But not just a part, but all the hair in full. You can use the enabled showers or take your own water.

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With this gesture, although we don’t know it, we are beginning to take care of the hair in a preventive way. And this is explained by the fact that when the hair is dry, it absorbs the first liquid that reaches it, regardless of the amount of salt it has. If we do that first wet with fresh water, the impact on the hair will be much less damaging

Protect your head with a cap

To finish, a piece of truism but very effective advice: put something on your head if you want to protect your hair. Yes, we can do all of the above, but that does not mean that, at any given moment, a cap, hat, visor or any element helps us so that the sun does not fall directly on our head and hair.

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Handkerchiefs would also be worth it, always useful on the beach or, of course, explorer caps with which we also cover our ears. Anything we can cover is welcome.

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