The best tips and tricks for dressing elegant in summer

The arrival of summer invites you to always want to wear short sleeves and bermuda shorts, but in the case of having to dress with a certain elegance, nothing like resorting to some “tricks” that are basic to get it right and that we are going to reveal to you below. Let us know then, the best tips and tricks to dress elegantly in summer.

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The best tips and tricks to dress elegantly in summer

Is the intense heat of summer 2021 straining your look? Unless you can always live in shorts and a T-shirt, you too will face the problem: how to dress elegant, or at least presentable, even when the temperature exceeds 40 degrees.

Summer lasts three months and one of these may be on vacation, being able to go as cool as possible, but how do you dress when you are in the city for work, dealing with car traffic, crowds and other inconveniences such as humidity? Here are some tips to help you survive the hot months and rising temperatures.

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Mix the fabrics

If you intend to wear elegant clothes during the summer, it is essential to know how to choose the right fabrics. Clearly cotton will be cooler than wool. In addition, linen (like the look in the Massimo Dutti image) is often proposed as an antidote to the summer heat. When it comes to fabrics, it’s not just the fiber that matters, but also the weight, texture, and composition.

Those tightly woven fabrics like poplin won’t do as much to lighter hand or loose knit fabrics (the ones that, looking through them, appear almost sheer). Among the most suitable fabrics to face the heat we recommend: voile or chiffon, a very light fabric, usually cotton or silk, often mixed with other fibers. Not only is it light, but its appearance makes it suitable for the freshest garments of the season, such as Hawaiian print shirts that, although they are not the most elegant, can give you a good result if you combine it with a “look” like the one shown. See you next.

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For pants, nothing like choosing those that are again made of cotton or linen, which are fresher and combine well with a shirt of the same style, for example. In the image above you can see a white Massimo Dutti pants that you can combine with a shirt and a t-shirt or with a simple shirt.

New specific fabrics for summer

To the previous trick, we add this other one that is nothing more than choosing the garments of those firms that bet on fresh fabrics for the summer. This is the case of Ermenegildo Zegna that proposes Techmerino ™ Wash & Go, which is present in garments made to measure that can be machine washed and that maintain the same performance and a naturally casual fit. This fabric also allows you to dynamically adjust warmth and breathability, ensuring maximum wearability and comfort. Multifunctional suits that play with layers and graphics create an eclectic wardrobe that guarantees freedom of movement both in the city for work occasions and on the beach in your free time.

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In the image above you can see precisely one of the suits that Ermenegildo Zegna proposes for this 2021 summer season with a basic color like blue and a white shirt. A complete suit with which it is impossible to get hot, although it has a “but” or a “con” that many will highlight and that is that its full price exceeds 1,000 euros.

Bet on volumes

To combat the muggy weather it is important to focus on garments that create volume around the body. Focus on the darts or the pleats on the pants (like the one in the Zara image). They allow easier movements and do not allow the fabrics to rest completely on the body, maintaining the shape of the clothing. The tweezers, as we say, are usually found on the pants, starting at the waist, but they can also be found on the back of the shirts. In this case, not all folds are the same. In the shirts department you can find the central pleat on the back, for a wider fit, or the two side pleats from the shoulders, suitable for slim-cut garments.

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In the photos we see two shirts that belong to the new Tommy Hilfiger and Massimo Dutti collections that have the aforementioned folds. Shirts that we can combine, for example, with cotton pants.

Choose colors that are strategic

Choosing a color for summer days is not easy. Black absorbs heat but masks well that inconvenience that light colors only accentuate: sweat stains. To overcome this problem, tuning should also be considered. For example, a slim white shirt like the one above from Massimo Dutti is always recommended. Textured fabrics or prints are also helpful to hide this typically summer problem.

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On the other hand, the “beige” color is a trend and it is also one of the freshest but in his case there is the problem of clearly showing sweat stains. The solution then will be to avoid a shirt or t-shirt of this color, but choose beige cotton pants, combined for example with a black shirt, made of linen.

Don’t forget the hat

Dressing elegantly in summer can imply not only the use of strategic colors and the appropriate fabrics for the shirts and pants that you are going to wear, but you can also take advantage of the use of hats that allow you to avoid the incidence of the sun on the head, something that usually causes our thermal sensation to increase and also puts us at risk of suffering severe dehydration.

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Therefore, you can choose hat models like the one we see in the image above. A braided style hat that sets the trend and belongs to the new Zara collection for summer 2021.

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