The best thermal shirts for winter sports

The cold is coming and winter sports take center stage. The practice of this type of sports modalities is increasingly common among a public that has gained specialization and seeks the best products for the development of its activity. A basic and functional garment in this context are men’s thermal shirts due to their ability to adapt to all kinds of winter sports. The industry has taken very important steps towards the specialization of this product and the public can find t-shirts specially prepared for sports practice.

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The importance of thermal clothing in the coldest months of the year is paramount when doing winter sports, which are practiced outdoors, at low temperatures and under exposure to adverse weather conditions such as rain or snow. These conditions are a requirement, sometimes essential, just as it is essential to wear the right clothing. Skiing, snowboarding, climbing and trekking are some examples of physical exercises that are practiced in this setting and that require appropriate clothing.

Long sleeve

The best thermal shirts for snow include the collection of the specialized firm Ysabel Mora, which has different styles, prints and materials to achieve the function of providing a sensation of warmth and well-being in those moments when the body is exposed to cold temperatures. Long-sleeved shirts, which can be made with a high proportion of polyester, accompanied by a low level of elastane, or with one hundred percent natural cotton, are very useful to be placed under the specific clothing for each sport. They are produced with quality materials that insulate against extreme cold and guarantee a long useful life. It is the perfect model for athletes who are exposed to extreme situations. The variety of sizes is very wide, ranging from XS to U, and men can choose between V-neck and round neck, the one that best suits their preferences.

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Short sleeve

Men’s thermal ski shirts find a similar function in short-sleeved models, which also adapt to icy contexts. Like their long-length counterparts, these have the ability to maintain body heat and offer a feeling of comfort for many hours. Their acclimatization to each person facilitates their use in closed and open areas, so they are not a hindrance when, after spending many hours skiing on the snow, skiers take a break in a cafeteria. The design also breaks with the classic aesthetic of undershirts and is attractive, so they can be used as the main outer garment.

Another of the advantages of ski thermal shirts is that they are made in such a way and with specific materials that facilitate breathability and sweat evacuation. Comfort is guaranteed throughout the day and bad odors disappear. They are comfortable, soft and designed with natural fibers. The Ysabel Mora brand also distributes other thermal garments such as pants and socks, so that athletes have complete equipment for their winter sports.

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