The Best Takuache Cuh Haircuts For Men 2022

The takuache haircut is a haircut that seems to have become very fashionable. fashion in recent years. It is a kind of Caesar cut although more marked and also combining a marked shave. A rather “radical” style for men’s hair that is sweeping Latin countries and the United States, where in fact we can find young people who identify with the takuache style. If you also want to wear this type of cut, you should know that there are several options from the original, so there is nothing like knowing now, the Best Takuache Cuh Haircuts For Men 2022.

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Among the many men’s haircuts that currently exist, perhaps one of the most popular of all is the Takuache Cuh cut, which is also widely known as the Edgar cut and which is a style that, although originally marked by a short bangs, with shaved sides and back, has evolved over time. In fact, many men considered that this type of cut was perhaps very similar to the cut that Jim Carrey wears in the movie Dumb and Dumber, but a couple of years have been enough to realize that there has been a more than evident evolution in the cut. Takuache Cuh and in fact, you can wear it with various styles as we see below.

The Best Takuache Cuh Haircuts For Men 2022 | Classic style

If you want to wear a Takuache Cuh style cut this year, perhaps you should start with the most classic style of all, although we also tell you that it is the “worst” if we take into account the type of evolution that this haircut has had for men.

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The classic Takuache Cuh is a cut that is characterized by having straight and very short bangs, also marked by the sides and the shaved back. It depends on how you like to wear it, although it is usually worn as above, although there are those who have taken the essence of this cut to the maximum until the shaved sides are practically at 0.


The Best Takuache Cuh Haircuts For Men 2022 | shaved hair


Although the Takuache Cuh cut is distinguished by leaving the central part somewhat longer, it seems that for this 2022 this other style is also imposed in which the hair is completely cut by machine, so that a less combination is created marked that in the classic style although anyway, we are talking about a cut that is still very striking.

The Best Takuache Cuh Haircuts For Men 2022 | long bangs


The bangs are one of the keys to wearing the Takuache Cuh cut, although it is almost always chosen to wear it quite short. However, for this 2022 one of the trends that are being seen a lot is to choose a cut in which the bangs are somewhat longer and neater to the central part of the hair.

The Best Takuache Cuh Haircuts For Men 2022 | Textured


Textured cuts are also a trend among the best cuts for men 2022. A type of cut marked by creating a kind of layers in the central part of the head so that it is hardly necessary to comb it because it already remains with a very cool style. We can then take the opportunity to choose this type of scissor cut and also combine it with a Takuache Cuh cut for a result with much more movement.

The Best Takuache Cuh Haircuts For Men 2022 | curly hair


In the event that you have curly hair, you can also choose a Takuache Cuh haircut, although it is best to shave the sides well, leaving the central part of the head with a cut of just two or three centimeters, In this way, your curls will not get out of control and you will be able to carry this style in a very natural way. Of course, you may have to use a little wax when combing your hair and above all, it will be good to ask your hairdresser to cut your hair forward.

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Another option is to choose to wear the curls much longer so that the central part of the head stands out much more. In this way, the Takuache Cuh hair is mixed in some way with the “fade cut” or degraded style that is also a trend this 2022.

The Best Takuache Cuh Haircuts For Men 2022 | Mullet


The Takuache Cuh haircut is also a cut that adapts to the trend of wearing the back slightly longer, imitating the type of cut that was worn in the 80s. In this way, you create a certain asymmetry between the front part, which is very short, and the back part that, like the model in the photo, you can add some color to.

The Best Takuache Cuh Haircuts For Men 2022 | crest


And if you want a Takuache Cuh cut that is the most striking of all, or something that completely moves away from the most classic style seen before, there is nothing like also choosing a crest like the one we see in this other proposal that also stands out for its its orange color. A very modern and original style that teenagers may like much more.

The Best Takuache Cuh Haircuts For Men 2022 | uploaded


Despite the fact that the Takuache Cuh haircut is a haircut in which another of the keys is to wear it combed down and if possible forward, no one says that we cannot choose to wear it this way. If you like raised hair, then there is nothing like opting for a cut like the one we see above, in which the entire process of the Takuache cut is followed, although leaving the bangs a little longer and with this that can be combed up thanks to the help some wax.

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The Best Takuache Cuh Haircuts For Men 2022 | Striped


Haircuts that have drawn lines or stripes are also a trend this year so there is nothing like taking advantage of the Takuache Cuh haircut to choose to wear this style. All you have to do is ask them to cut you this style, but also to draw some lines with the help of the machine or electric cutter.

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