The best products to protect your hair this summer

Not too long ago, we already told you The best tips and tricks to protect your hair on the beach . And it is that the hair, between the sun, chlorine, saltpeter and others, suffers a lot throughout the summer. Therefore, we must take precautions and take special care with it. To do so, we tell you what are the best products to protect your hair this summer

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The best products to protect your hair this summer

There are people who are still surprised because there are sprays or protective creams for hair. The question is simple: if you put sunscreen on your skin, why not on your hair? Understanding this, we will take a big step towards healthy, strong and silky hair. Of course, to do it, we must go hand in hand with the best products to protect your hair this summer

Lait Luminiscence Bi-Phase Leonor Greyl

Leonor Greyl is a reference in hair care and a brand to go to with confidence. In this case, your Lait Luminiscence Bi-Phase is a product that we apply as a spray and we only have to comb it for it to start working, since it transforms into milk when shaken.

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It is a nutritious milk that brings shine and light to hair dull due to the effects of summer. Its formulation, based on plants and vegetable oils, does not have silicone. To apply it, we must do it with wet hair, just after a shower, or even before sunbathing. And it is that Lait Luminiscence Bi-Phase protects from UVA rays, chlorine and saltpeter. Its price is 39.30 euros for a 150 ml bottle

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Dry oil with Monoï de Polysianes

If you don’t have much space to take things to the beach or pool, the dry oil in Monoï de Polysianes is perfect for you. Not only will it allow you to gather all the protection you need in a single product, but it will also be the most complete.

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It is an anti-aging, illuminating and also protective oil that you can apply to both skin and hair. Enriched with Monoï and Morinda, it is completely fat-free and waterproof, so you can bathe without any problems. Although the best of all is its price. For 14 euros you get a 150 ml bottle.

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Solaire KPF 90 Oil by Rene Furterer

The truth is that any hair protection product we choose from the Rene Furterer brand will have the quality guarantee of a firm with decades of experience. In this case, Rene Furterer’s Solaire KPF 90 oil is ideal for hair that is going to be exposed a lot and directly to the sun

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This oil has intensive nutrients that, in addition to protecting, offer a shiny touch that results in a tremendous wet effect. It has sesame extract and its sun protection factor is very high. In addition, it is one of the best products to protect your hair this summer that you will find at a better price, almost always under 14 euros.

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Total Hair Protector Nuggela & Sulé

Is it possible to have protected hair while we stimulate it to continue growing? With Total Hair Protector Nuggela & Sulé it really is. It is a spray hair protector, formulated with extra virgin chia oil, which not only protects hair from summer aggressions, but also stimulates hair growth.

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We are talking about total sun protection, but in addition to an extra contribution of shine and nutrients to prevent loss of color and strength. On the other hand, Total Hair Protector Nuggela & Sulé will also improve the capillary structure of your hair, in addition to giving it greater flexibility. You can find it on their website from 14.90 euros

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Nuxe Sun moisturizing protective milk for hair

In this case, Nuxe Sun moisturizing protective milk for hair focuses on protecting the scalp, not only from UVA rays, but also from chlorine, salt and all the elements that may be in the pool water or the beach. This moisturizing milk, while acting as a protective barrier, takes the opportunity to provide extra hydration to the hair, giving it extra softness, without weighing it down.

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Formulated based on aquatic and solar flowers, it is recommended to apply it with the sprayer to a span of the hair, with the advantage that it can be applied both dry and wet. Its price is 15.50 euros for the 100 ml bottle. 83% of the products used for its formula are natural.

Buy Nuxe Sun moisturizing protective milk for hair

IGK Expensive Shiny Hair Top Coat with Amla Oil

It is possible that the top coat concept sounds more like nails to you and it is normal. Now, there is also a capillary top coat and its effect is tremendous. In this case, the IGK Expensive Shiny Hair Top Coat with Amla Oil is a tremendous protector for hair, specialized in stopping UVA rays from the sun.

It is a fast-absorbing product that creates a light and imperceptible barrier of protection that, in turn, provides shine and softness to your hair. It does so thanks to its oil that, in addition to shine, also provides strength and nutrition to the hair. By the way, it offers protection to the cuticles, the great victims of high temperatures.

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The way to apply IGK Expensive Shiny Hair Top Coat with Amla Oil is to do it after shampooing, gently massaging the entire head from root to tip. Let it rest for 5 minutes so that it penetrates and rinse with plenty of lukewarm water. It is recommended to use it twice a week in summer. Its price is 29.55 euros for a 125 ml bottle

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