The best photos of athletes with rare haircuts

Athletes in general and soccer players in particular are currently also icons of brands and fashion that set trends with their looks, some each more rare and extravagant. But, what have been the most curious haircuts in the world of sports? Today I have prepared a gallery with the funniest photos about the most curious hairstyles.

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The best photos of athletes with weird haircuts

The world of sports, because of some players, is not exempt from eccentricity. There are more and more players who believe they are models and decide to wear an original and “different” look. The problem is that, sometimes, they don’t really know where the line between fashion and ridiculous is, even though they have dozens of image consultants.

Many times athletes make a hairstyle fashionable, but other times their extravagances are excessive. That is why I wanted to review all sports and show you the photos of those athletes who have a haircut that goes far beyond imagination.

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Dennis Rodman (NBA)

Dennis Rodman is a clear example of eccentricity. A player who has become an NBA legend, not only because of the way he plays, but also because of his great personality (sometimes he has caused some displeasure to his teams). Always involved in thousands of parties, fights and has worn thousands of haircuts, hairstyles and color shapes. A revolutionary in every way in the NBA.

Ronaldo Nazario (Soccer)

His look in the final of the World Cup in South Korea and Japan is still remembered. Her horrible bangs had a mission, to talk about her hair, and not about her health problems. It worked. Brazil won the World Cup and Ronaldo was the player of the tournament. The bad thing is that millions of children around the world imitated him.

Neymar (soccer)

Another athlete who has worn thousands of different and curious styles and haircuts is Ronaldo. The mythical “Gordo” who played in the best teams in the world, including Barcelona and Real Madrid, has sported many curious haircuts and hairstyles. It may or may not be a coincidence that every time he changed his look it was to celebrate an important tournament, such as the unique hairstyle he wore at the World Cup in Korea and Japan in 2002.

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The most current athlete who sports an extravagant look is Neymar. Neymar is characterized by having a unique style, not only because of his tattoos, but also because of his haircuts and hairstyles. Where the crest has become the star of their looks. Of course, for some time now, the Brazilian has opted for a manual undercut. Maybe Paris has made him settle down.

Abel Xavier (soccer)

Abel Xavier: Those who are over 30 years old will surely remember this side of the Portuguese team who also played in the Spanish League for Real Oviedo. Few of us know about his soccer skills, what is certain is that Abel Xavier stood out at a time when there were still mustaches and mullets on the pitches.

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Paul Pogba (soccer)

Paul Pogba: The Juventus player is one of the objects of desire for the main teams in Europe for the coming season. The French player is a safe bet on the pitch, but he is also a sure bet in the field of brand image and marketing. Pogba is one of those next-generation footballers, the so-called Instagram era, who don’t hesitate to do the strangest things to his hair and, of course, post it on social media afterwards.

Nick Kyrgios (tennis)

Nick Kyrgios: He is one of the most talented young tennis players on the circuit, but also one of the most controversial. Throughout his career he has been more in the tabloids and has been more in the news for his hairstyles and his scandals than for his game. He was sanctioned by the ATP after having told Wawrinka in the middle of a match that his wife had been unfaithful to him with a compatriot tennis player from Kyrgios.

Taribo West (soccer)

Taribo West: He was one of the best-known players of the Nigerian national team that became known during the 90s. He played more or less at a good level in the Premier League, but in reality he was more remembered for his curious hairstyles, always with braids and bright colors. He was also implicated in the occasional scandal related to his age, such as when the coach of Partizan Belgrade claimed that West had lied about his age and that he had taken 12 years off, being 40 instead of the 28 he claimed.

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Marouane Fellaini (soccer)

Marouane Fellaini: This skinny 30-year-old Belgian is a most atypical footballer. He is 194 centimeters tall, does not seem to be well coordinated in his movements, he even hits the ball strangely. But if there is something strange about the Manchester United starting midfielder, it is his hair. The average Red Devils volunteer has an impossible afro.

The best thing about her look isn’t the afro itself, it’s that Fellaini takes it one step further. The United midfielder had the nerve to dye it orange. He has also given himself copper highlights, and has let it grow to the extreme Sideshow Bob. The fans love him.

Carlos Alberto Valderrama (soccer)

Carlos Alberto Valderrama: Although Fellaini wears it with dignity, the truth is that long before him, there was a king of the afro in soccer. At 56, Valderrama has been retired for many years. Now, he retains both his touch and his indomitable mane. The Colombian has been one of the greatest in coffee soccer, both in the field and in the head. What’s more, maybe Míchel can add one more place.

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Mariano Díaz Mejía (soccer)

Mariano Díaz Mejía: The Venezuelan forward is being one of the sensations of the French Ligue 1. He has arrived from Real Madrid to Lyon and, since then, he has not stopped scoring goals. Well, she has stopped at least once, the one when she went to the hairdresser to get an undercut with a tinted blonde on top.

Forwards are very superstitious and when they catch a streak, they usually attribute it to something. In the case of Mariano, it seems that his blonde chicken hair is the key. And it’s not bad, the thing. Now, another is that it fits well. On top of that, with his dark skin tone, the platinum blonde sings even more.

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Leo Messi (soccer)

Leo Messi: Every notary has a blur, and every legend, his look doesn’t. In the case of Leo Messi, the mistake came in the summer, when he decided to dye his hair blonde. The disco blonde does not suit the Barcelona striker at all. But it is that on top of that, he has grown a beard for a long time, so the contrast with the semi-red beard, with the blond chicken hair hurts the retina.

And note that this is not the first time that the Argentine star messes it up with his look. There was a time, not too long ago, in which Leo Messi wore cowboy-like hair, which made him look like a vintage player. But of course, then I scored 80 goals a season, and you had to shut up.

Jeremy Lin (NBA)

Jeremy Lin: The story of Cen-Lincenta is the story of that invisible player who suddenly becomes a star. It happened to him in the New York Knicks, where he dazzled in 2012. At that time he had normal hair. But of course, he became an idol, he fell apart and, since then, his hair is a constant creation workshop.

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Currently, Jeremy Lin plays for the Brooklyn Nets and comes out in a new look per month. He has dyed it in all possible colors, he has made dreadlocks, he has worn a bun… However, the one that his audience liked the most was the mohawk crest that he wore in preseason. It made him look like a tough guy, and you like that in New York.

Gareth Bale (soccer)

Gareth Bale: The Cardiff Express is one of the greatest Welsh footballers in history. He arrived at Real Madrid as a shy boy, who didn’t even speak Spanish and with a slightly thin but simple and flattering haircut. Why did you decide to change? Did the 3 Champions League in 4 years that he won with Real Madrid go to his head?

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Not much less. Gareth Bale is still close and introverted. Of course, he came to Real Madrid at the age of 23 and is now 28. In those five years, the crown of his head begins to clear up and he believes that a fashioned bun will restore his lost hair. Error. If you want to get your hair back, you only have one solution: talk to Cholo Simeone and to the clinic where the Atleti coach had his implants done.

Arturo Vidal (soccer)

Arturo Vidal: The Chilean, if he weren’t so famous, would never pass for a footballer. Her appearance is not just limited to her hair, but her entire body is a work of art. The Mohican look, with a crest at the ready and the rest of the hair at zero, is non-negotiable. On the other hand, he also decorates his beard with tremendous baroque motifs. Spend more time at the stylist than on the pitch.

If we add to this a body tattooed at all levels and a tremendous claw in the field, we have a true tough guy of the 21st century. A Chilean who has become the kaiser of Bayern Munich’s midfield and whom everyone wants to have on their team, for the account that brings them

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Radja Nainggolan (soccer)

Radja Nainggolan: And if Arturo Vidal’s crest seems like a lot, Radja Nainggolan’s is impossible to explain. The Belgian footballer is a classic of Italian football. He has passed through Piacenza, Cagliari and Rome, where he has been a member since 2014. In all of them, Radja Nainggolan has sported the craziest hairstyles imaginable.

And to show, his look for the start of the season in Roma. Not only is a strange crest marked with the hair on the sides at zero, but it is dyed blonde… only for one part! Why? The look is crowned with a rose tattoo on the neck that we are still trying to decipher. We don’t want to think how much that hurt.

Now I’m going to leave you with a gallery of the best photos of athletes with weird haircuts. What do you think will be the weirdest and most curious hairstyles and haircuts?

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Would you be able to do one of these hairstyles? Which do you think is the most extravagant? Now, to finish, we leave you with a video and some links that you might find interesting to complement the information in the article.

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