The best Maori tattoos for men 2022

Today many of the men are tattooed or intend to get tattooed. Among the many styles of tattoos that exist, one of the most recognized and the one that most people ask for when pricking their skin is the Maori style. Let’s see then what are the best Maori tattoos for men 2022, so that we can get inspired for our next tattoo.

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Maori Tattoos

Many people do not know where these tattoos come from, but the reality is that they belong to an indigenous people of New Zealand, known by the same name, Maoris, and they are not simplistic drawings, but have a strong and important bond for the people of his town.

In its origin, the Maori tattoo is an important aspect of native society, linked to ancestry and a sense of “Maori” pride. The practice of tattooing by the Maori is actually ancient. The instrument that was used to make this type of tattoo for centuries was a bone uhi (chisel) which consisted of an extremely sharp straight edge that was capable of making deep cuts in the skin. When finished, the skin had grooves. The technique of this tattoo was known as Ta moko and it involved a long and painful process, so getting a tattoo of this type originally meant an event that became a ceremony in which the flute was played and poems were sung. to help ease pain; while marking the body, there were some prohibitions, and for facial tattooing in particular, sexual intimacy and eating solid food were prohibited. Liquid food and water were drained through a small wooden tube to ensure that nothing dirty came into contact with the inflamed skin. This was the only way the tattooed person could eat until the wounds healed. Full face tattooing required a lot of time and the tattoo artist had to carefully study a person’s bone structure before the ta moko procedure.

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Today, Maori tattoos have become a trend, although their popularity has been increasing thanks to the celebrities who wear them and the New Zealand rugby players, known as the All Blacks, who are full of these tattoos in reference to their ancestors and values.

The best Maori tattoos for men 2022: chest

The pectoral is a very common area for a Maori tattoo. That’s because, in addition to being hidden, the shape of the pectoral will make the tattoo look like it has even more volume.

In most cases, not only is the pectoral tattooed, it is also lengthened a little more and reaches the shoulder and even the arm. For the Maoris, getting a tattoo in this area had a lot of meaning, since it is the area closest to the heart and that is where they tattooed what they most appreciated, such as love or family.

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We can also opt for tattoos in which the center of attention is located only on the chest. In this way, we will achieve a type of tattoo that combines tradition and exoticism with a minimalist style, which is also a trend among current tattoos.

Photo: Instagram @artsoultattoos

The best Maori tattoos for men 2022: back

The back is one of the best areas to get a tattoo, so the idea of ​​getting a Maori is perfect. The good thing about the back is its size, in this way you can not only get a bigger tattoo, but it can be more complex and with more meaning.

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In ancient times, the Maoris tattooed their backs to protect themselves and to create some fear in their enemies or in animals if they went hunting. That way they felt protected and made their enemies believe that they would be cursed if they dared to attack them from behind.

You can choose to get a Maori tattoo that occupies the entire back as we have seen in the images above, since this area of ​​the body is really good for making a tattoo of this style, but if you want to be able to wear something different to what is usually seen in Maori tattoos, nothing like choosing a design as inspiring as this one that we show you, with only half of the back tattooed to form a drawing that is truly spectacular.

Photo: Instagram @sins_one

In addition, a tattoo with a design like the one we show you, with spirals of different styles and sizes, has a meaning related to new beginnings, as well as having gone through a growth phase and having managed to achieve a certain harmony in our life.

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The best Maori tattoos for men 2022: shoulder

Tattooing a Maori-style tattoo on the shoulder is usually a start to finish tattooing the rest of the pectoral. The meaning of these tattoos is usually one of the least important for traditional Maori, although the truth is that it also has a lot to do with the origin, the lineage and the “tribe” to which one belongs.

The Maori tattoo on the shoulder is, however, one of the most used areas for tattooing today, because it is easy to cover if necessary and can also be easily worn at summer time.

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Of course, depending on the type of design you can also find other meanings to your Maori tattoos. In this way, if you bet on getting a star (similar to a sun), like the tattoo that we see in the design below, you should know that it will be related to the family. This type of tattoo is also very representative within the Maori culture and one of the most appropriate for areas of the body such as the shoulder.

Photo: Instagram @voodoo__tattoo

The best Maori tattoos for men 2022: arms

The Maori tattoos made in areas of the body such as the arms are somewhat similar to the shoulders, originally they had less personal meaning, they were more associated with the positions of each one within the tribe, to recognize the position faster than they performed. While currently, it is a cute drawing and easy to show to others.

There are those who not only tattoo their arm alone, they also tattoo their forearm, and even both. This makes the tattoo look much more complete and thus completes an entire sleeve.

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There are those who, however, take the opportunity to tattoo themselves only in the middle area of ​​the arm. This is a type of bracelet tattoo that has also become very popular among Maori-style tattoos. The representations for this type of tattoo do not really have a meaning with the Maori culture, although they are usually called Kirituhi and only preserve the aesthetics or design with respect to the originals, but without their sacred meaning. To inspire you, what do you think of the tattoo that we are showing you now?

Photo: Instagram @solaristattoopendik

The best Maori tattoos for men 2022: legs

But Maori tattoos are not only done on the torso, but it is also common to see them on the legs, because in the same way as on the back, since it is a very large area, the tattoos can be very diverse and of different sizes, as seen in the photo, tattooing the thighs, the calves, the tibias or the whole leg.

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In fact, we can get this type of tattoo across the entire leg, and thus combine the symbols that Maori tattoos represent with meanings as diverse as origin, family, bravery and also of course, the rank within the tribe since the legs were also shown and with this it was possible to know what type of warrior was in front of them.

Photo: Instagram @hold_fast13

The best Maori tattoos for men 2022: famous

After seeing where you can get your Maori tattoos, and how in fact we can tattoo them on any part of the body, we can talk about the many “celebrities” or famous people who have opted for this type of tattoo.

In fact, practically all celebrities tend to have tattoos, however few use the Maori style. This may be because they don’t know the meanings of tattoos well, so they don’t want to risk getting pricked by something that has a different or absurd meaning.

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One of the first to get a Maori tattoo was a New Zealand rugby player, the late Jonah Lomu, one of the all-time stars of the sport.

But if there is a well-known public figure, one of the highest paid actors with the most work today, it is Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock”. The former wrestler comes from Maori descent and is very proud of this bond, which is why we can see how he looks on his chest and part of his shoulder.

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In fact, he himself has explained in more than one interview that his Maori tattoos are indeed associated with his family since his grandfather was an important fighter whose legs were completely tattooed with this type of tattoo. You can see below a photo of Dwayne Johnson’s grandfather and be surprised by the beauty of the tattoos on his body, also made with the original technique of pricking the skin as we explained at the beginning.

On the other hand, the boxer Mike Tyson, is another of the celebrities who have opted for Maori tattoos. In fact, he himself is of Maori descent, so it’s been years since he shocked the world by tattooing his face with a design resembling Maori moko.

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And how can we forget this tattoo that singer Robbie Williams made fashionable years ago? The truth is that it is a tribal tattoo that although it is not 100% Maori, according to the singer it does have certain reminiscences in its design that are reminiscent of the tattoos of the New Zealand tribes.

Here are some of the best Maori style tattoos you can find, but be sure to visit to keep up to date with new tattoos or other styles.

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