The best long and triangular face haircuts

Knowing which are the best long and triangular face haircuts can help you, among other things, to enhance your beauty as much as possible. Many men think that any haircut is for anyone. Error. Each hair is different and, in this case, it depends a lot on the shape of the face. Hence the relevance of knowing which are the best long and triangular face haircuts

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The best haircuts for long faces

Starting with the best long face haircuts, the first thing we should know are the characteristics of a long face. Knowing our morphology is key to getting the hairstyle right. However, in addition to taking ideas from this post, it is advisable that you consult your stylist for guidance.

In principle, the elongated face is very similar to the rectangular face. However, they differ in the chin and forehead. Obviously, if we talk about the best long face haircuts, it is logical to think that in this case they have a more curved and rounded shape. Whereas on rectangular faces, everything is more angular.

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Obviously, the goal of the best long face haircuts is to make it appear either shorter or wider. For this, the most advisable thing is to give volume to the upper part or to the sides, but without going overboard with the side cut.

Parting to one side and nice bangs

Ryan Gosling, in Crazy, Stupid, Love gives a masterclass in elegance, knowing how to be and getting the most out of his physique. A physique that is marked by a skinny face that he takes the opportunity to show off. Without a doubt, his is one of the best long face haircuts

As easy as leaving your hair short, parted on one side and a classic hairstyle. Of course, the bangs are the ones that take center stage. With a half ringlet, we comb it with lacquer backwards, which is nice and to one side. A look that goes with everything. Of course, you will never be Ryan Gosling. Although watching the movie, you can get ideas, not only of the best long face haircuts, but how to have a perfect wardrobe with only 16 pieces of clothing.


As you won’t be Adam Levine either. Do not even try. Just copy one of the best long face haircuts. In the case of the Maroon 5 singer, a look that he has maintained, more or less, since he became known. Although in his beginnings, his spiked hair was more punk than melodic pop.

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A manual undercut, in which the sides are shaved, like very long, at 2. The upper part is the one that varies. We have seen Adam Levine with his hair pulled back, standing on end, or, as in this case, matted down with wax or lacquer. If it suits you? Show this photo to any woman and see what she says.

Bowl with Ringlet

Why not? Adrien Brody not only has a very long face, but he also has a prominent nose. You have to divert attention and hair can help us. Hence, this renaissance look is as relevant as the best long face haircuts

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As easy as cutting it to a bowl and waving it manually to achieve this effect. However, when it’s growing up, if you just cut it off, it’ll give you ringlets on its own.

The best haircuts for a triangular face

Talking about the best triangular face haircuts is talking about a less common face than the elongated one. In this case, the best triangle face haircuts apply to people with a broad forehead, narrow cheeks and chin. To get one of the best triangle face haircuts, we need bangs that hide the weakest part of this triangle face.

For some time now, the beard has been added to the best triangular face haircuts. The element that hipsters have elevated to the category of art, is more than useful for a triangular face. And it is that a beard will give you a rougher look, by making the face wider and more robust.


Yes, we repeat the undercut for the best triangular face haircuts, but it is one of the most popular cuts and Nick Jonas has the proof. His face is triangular from a manual, although at first glance it seems elongated. Years ago, at the request of Disney, he had longer hair, which made him look like Stewie from Family Guy.

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Now he is the one who sets the tone and his stylist has advised him wonderfully. Side shaved and short hair scissored up, with bangs forward. Goodbye to the diamond face because the cut stylizes the sides more and breaks that shape

That Nick Jonas is serious about the best triangular face haircuts, it shows in details such as taking him with him everywhere. When you’re a star and you can afford it, there’s nothing more advisable.

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Tommy Hilfiger Long Hair

It’s easy to locate the haircut, when they tell you about Tommy Hilfiger. What’s more, Tom Welling would have been perfect as the image of the American firm. Actually, he was a model, but he turned to acting, and for 10 years, he was a young Superman in Smallville, who got one of the best triangle face haircuts

Tom Welling’s face, besides bordering on perfection, is a diamond of flesh and blood. His features are ideal for drawing a diamond, but The CW knew how to qualify his marked face for 15 years. They got it with a classic haircut, but a little longer than usual. The long hair behind is optional, but what is non-negotiable is the bangs to sweeten the gesture.

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