The best hand tattoo designs for men 2021

With summer comes the time to show off our human works of art . We are definitely talking about tattoos. In today’s entry we will see the best hand tattoo designs for men 2021, among which we will highlight the small hand tattoos for men 2021, the name hand tattoos for men 2021, the tribal hand tattoos for men 2021, tattoos on the hand for men 2021 on the fingers and tips for caring for tattoos on the hand for men 2021.

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Tattoos are one of the highest forms of personal and individual expression that has been setting the trend for several years now. Although there are styles and designs classified as “standard”, the choice between one and the other is completely personal and depends on personal circumstances, time, the situation, the moment, etc. Remember that a tattoo is for life, so one must feel very attached to its meaning so that it does not become a “fashion” or a specific taste and the remedy is worse than the disease. As you well know, getting a tattoo is expensive, but it is even more expensive to remove a tattoo. For this reason, we want to show you the best hand tattoo designs for men 2021 in the following lines.

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Hand tattoos for men 2021 | small designs

There are numerous hand tattoo designs for men and they can be classified in many ways, such as small hand tattoos for men 2021 or large hand tattoos.

First of all we can find tattoos on the hand for men that include more colorful and colorful designs. Like the designs that we show you in the image below, which includes different symbols, such as stars, or animals, such as a fly that have a very special meaning for that person. In addition, we see the combination between the dark tones of the black ink with the reddish ones, which provides a more realistic sensation.

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On the other hand and, in general, the most common thing is to get small hand tattoos for men 2021. Among the designs that stand out the most we find the letters, whether made with the traditional or oriental alphabet, the small symbols (such as a star, heart, infinity, etc.) or even a small phrase or word, as shown in the image below.

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This type of tattoos are also very favorable when we want to share a tattoo, something that has somehow become a trend. In this way, we can share a tattoo with our partner, as we see in the image below, betting on two hearts that are the same.

Or if you like animals, you can also show your love, wearing tattoos like this one that you see below in which we see a tattoo of a small cat, along with others on the fingers.

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Hand tattoos for men 2021 | Names

Now, with the advent of letter tattoos on the hand, the appearance of tattoos on the hand of names for men 2021 has emerged. Surely we all have that special person who makes us feel very good with very little bit. It does not have to be your partner, it can be anyone: a friend, a family member, etc. That is why many people decide to get their names tattooed on their hand. It is a very visible part of the body that makes one think of that person continuously.

Let’s see the example below where a person has tattooed the word “dad” as a symbol of union between two people. The reason for this tattoo may be very significant for some and for others it may be the “typical” design. However, each one must assess their choice and choose the one that best suits their way of being and their feelings.

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We can also write not only names, but acronyms or symbols that represent us. We can get tattoos like this one that you see below with the word “YOLO” whose meaning in case you don’t know is, “You Only Live Once”, that is, “You only live once”.

Hand tattoos for men 2021 | tribal

Another of the most groundbreaking tattoos among men are the tribal hand tattoos for men 2021. These designs, although they appear to be larger in size, tend to simulate a glove and even give this area a more colorful touch of the body that we tend to neglect.

Tribal tattoo designs on the hand are somewhat difficult; However, with a little imagination you can achieve wonderful tattoos that look good for any occasion. You can opt for larger designs or for smaller ones like the one shown below. The area of ​​the tattoo also depends on taste, but now those located between the fingers (as in the photograph) or those that are tattooed on the side are worn. The designs vary depending on the type of tribal, since it can be traditional as well as new ethnic motifs.

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We can also take advantage of the so-called henna tattoos, to get this type of tribal tattoos. You may think that these tattoos are more for women, but the truth is that if you like them you can wear them without problem.

Hand tattoos for men 2021 | fingers

As we have commented previously, tattoos on the hand for men 2021 on the fingers are one of the most used tattoos today. The designs are infinite: letters between the fingers forming a word (as in the image), tribal between the fingers, engagement ring tattoos, shapes (like a heart, stars, etc.), among many other designs.

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The tattoos on the hands for men 2021 that also focus on the fingers, can also be those that have various symbols, like this one that we show you below. A tattoo that features some of the poker card symbols and others like arrows or planets. This is an ideal area to get a small tattoo. If you like them this size, the truth is that the possibilities are endless and you can also combine concepts as we see.

The area of ​​the knuckles is undoubtedly the best for tattoos on the fingers within the tattoos on the hand for men 2021. It is in fact ideal to get tattoos like this one that you see below, with some “latinx” style letters “, a type of tattoo that has become fashionable and with which you can make names like the ones mentioned above, or in fact the name or letters that most represent you.

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Hand tattoos for men 2021 | Famous

In a special way we want to talk about the tattoos on the hand for men 2021 that celebrities wear, since these seem to have become fond of wearing tattoos on the upper part of the hand as well as on the fingers. This is the case of David Beckham who has both hands tattooed. On the left it shows some birds, with the phrase “Love led with love”, “Amor led with love”.

In his right hand he shows the name of his wife, Victoria, along with another phrase full of strength, “Dream Big, Be Unrealistic”, which means, “Dream big, be unreal”.

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On the other hand, the actor Zac Efron also sports another tattoo on his hand, although somewhat smaller than Beckham’s. The “High School Musical” actor has the word “Yolo” on one side of his hand, which we said before means “You Only Live Once”.

Among famous Spaniards we can also find examples of those who opt for tattoos on their hands, as is the case with Sergio Ramos, who in fact mixes his tattoos throughout his entire body and in the case of the hands.

Tips to take care of tattoos on the hand for men 2021

Now in summer, we must carry out a specific treatment to prevent tattoos from disappearing very easily, so here we leave you a series of tips to take care of tattoos on the hand for men 2021.

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If you have just gotten a tattoo, you should avoid hot water baths as far as possible, so that it is not erased or infected by different infectious agents. On the other hand, the sun is also an enemy of newly made tattoos, so try to avoid direct contact, so you will prevent tumors from appearing on the tattoo, as well as reducing the pigmentation of the tattoo. Another advice that is related to the previous point is to use sunscreen in case of sun exposure, as well as the use of light clothing. Also, try to avoid sweat and heat, since it can harm the scar. And finally, avoid insect or jellyfish stings as much as possible. In the event that it occurs, do not scratch, since you can cause an infection in the skin area.

On the other hand, you should remember that once two weeks have passed since you got the tattoo, the scabs that have formed will begin to come off. Being in an area such as the hand or fingers, it is important to be especially careful with washing and moisturizing during this week, since it is easy to tear off the scabs and damage the tattoo. Also, never tear them off no matter how much you are tempted to do so in order to see how the tattoo has turned out. Let them fall off naturally.

Skin is likely to be very itchy this week, but you shouldn’t scratch. Applying additional moisturizer can help relieve itching. Using a moisturizer that is kept in the fridge can also soothe itchy or irritated skin.

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If necessary, an over-the-counter medication, such as Benadryl, can be taken orally to help relieve itching.

The outer layers of the skin should heal completely by the end of the third week. The inner layers of the skin may take longer to heal but require much less care.

The chance of infection is reduced once the outer layers of skin have healed, as there is no open wound for bacteria to infect. In any case, and since it is located on the hands, you should try to cover the tattoo practically until it has healed, so that it does not get infected or if, for example, you go to the beach or the pool. The rest of the time, you can wear it uncovered or uncovered with no problem.

Moisturizing regularly in the months after your tattoo will help keep it looking bright and clear. To all this, it should be added that protecting the tattoo from the sun with clothing or gloves, while it is healing, and applying sunscreen after it has healed, is especially important in the first months.

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What you should know before getting a tattoo on your hand

We have already seen ideas and we have talked about getting a tattoo on our hand, but the truth is that before getting one of these “tattoos”, we have to think about several factors or consequences that may make us regret it.

Hand tattoos are in fashion. More and more, celebrities, such as singers and soccer players, have their fingers, hands or wrists tattooed and this fashion may have given you strength, but are you sure you want a tattoo on your hands?

A tattoo, wherever you get it, should be something you want to get out of conviction and not out of fashion. From here, if you really want to get a tattoo on your hands, you should take into account:

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Hand tattoos, like foot tattoos, usually hurt a lot. We must bear in mind that any tattoo hurts more if the area where we do it has less flesh and more bone and sinew on the surface. This happens because the vibrations of the tattoo machine resonate more in those bone parts so that the sensation is more intense and with it, that we notice the pain more.


It is important to heal tattoos well. We know that once we get a tattoo, we will spend between a week and two with the area in the healing process. We will have to wash and apply a cream daily and of course, cover the tattoo so that it does not become infected. The hands is an area that is not only constantly on the air, but we need them for almost everything. Think about whether the tattoo might not end up being a nuisance while it heals, even if it’s temporary.


The tattoos on the hands will always be seen. Think if you are one of the people who wear tattoos but do not want to see them all the time, and also think if perhaps in your work it will be a problem that you wear tattoos so visible. Today people are much more tolerant of (according to) tattoos than years ago, but that doesn’t mean they can tell you anything. Make sure that this type of tattoo is not going to cause you problems.

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Disappearance of ink

We also have to talk about the spread of tattoo ink during and after healing. All tattoos spread over time, but the truth is that tattoos on the hands, as well as on the feet, can spread faster than other areas. In general, it is best to keep the tattoo on top of the hands or feet, as this holds the ink better. The closer you get to the palm of your hand (or the sole of your foot), the longer the lines will spread. Finger tattoos may also have ink loss due to flexing of the skin.

Hand tattoos in particular tend to be more sensitive, more likely to lose ink during healing, and more prone to infection. In addition to these factors, there is another problem that must be taken into account before getting a tattoo on the hand that we have already mentioned: exposure. There is still a large part of our society that looks down on hand tattoos. Many employers won’t even consider a prospective employee if they have tattoos that aren’t easy to cover up. If you have any questions about whether your job will allow you to have these types of tattoos, ask. Also make sure he’s in a career that allows it. It’s one thing to have a job making burgers with a tattoo on your hand, but if you aspire to more, think hard about it. While they are becoming more common, most people would not want to see a hand tattoo on their surgeon, lawyer, or clergyman.

Ideas to get a tattoo on your hand

We have previously seen some ideas of the tattoos that you can carry on your hands, although we want to offer you more, and for this, what better way to see it than with these photos.

With your partner

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A tattoo to share for two has also become fashionable. If you are very much in love with your partner and you want to be able to share that love, you can get a tattoo that is the same for both of you. In the case of the hand, you can do, for example, the same drawing on the hand, or a finger.

Palms of the hand

The palms of the hand is an area where tattoos are not usually quite common, but if you like or want to tattoo your hand it may be a good idea. The options are many as it is a fairly large surface to cover. Take, for example, the tattoo that we show you of animals.

Back of the hand and wrist

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The tattoos on the upper part of the hand, the dorsal, are perhaps the most common when it comes to tattooing this area. But we can make the tattoo start on the back and end on the wrist area so that we will be able to cover a better part of the hand.

Whole hand

Finally a complete hand tattoo. That is to say, the whole hand tattooed and with this you will be able to capture all the attention as well as remind yourself of those that you have decided to wear so prominently.

Precautions when wearing a tattoo on the hand

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Before getting a hand tattoo you should not only take into account the aforementioned factors, but you should also take a series of precautions.

For example, you should think about the care of the tattoo once you have done it. Healing can take up to more than a week, so if you work or use your hands a lot, perhaps it is better to do it when you are on vacation or be more careful when dressing it and cover it well.

On the other hand, before getting the tattoo you should think carefully about what drawing you are going to carry in your hand. It doesn’t matter what your ideals or thoughts are. A hand tattoo can be seen a lot and depending on what you get, you can offend someone or get yourself in trouble.

Hand tattoos are usually erased before those in other areas that are not so exposed. The daily use of the hands causes the dye to fade or lose intensity, so if you decide to get a hand tattoo, you should think that sooner or later you are going to have to touch it up, going through again (I remind you) a process in which you will feel more pain than if you had the tattoo, for example, on your arm.

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Now that you know more about this type of tattoos, do you dare with yours?

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Photogallery of tattoos on the hands:

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