The best haircuts for men with a gradient finish in V

There are many types of haircuts or styles for all tastes, from those with long hair to those with shaved heads. One of the most popular trends in recent years is gradient haircuts.

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But not all gradients are the same or have to show off a short top, there are many options. One of the most common haircuts in hairdressers are V-shaped haircuts, as you will see throughout the article.

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With the images that we are going to show you below, we just want to show you how they can look in your heads. It is something quite simple, although it may sound somewhat extravagant, it is a very common gradient, only the back of the head will end up with a V shape, as its name indicates. Then, it’s true, you can complicate it a little more or give it a different touch with a line or drawing.

If what you want is a modern haircut and to be in the latest fashion, take a look at some of the photos with the faded haircuts that end in V and that will take you to the next step.

V-shade cut with hair

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We start with two V-shaped cuts that are completely shaved rather than faded to form a V with one’s own hair. A bold style that goes perfectly with a beard.

In this second option, we find a V cut with hair, but with more quantity than the previous one. Perfect for men who don’t want a bare skin look. A high fade pairs well with a tousled strip of hair and will easily blend in with your facial hair.

Soft V Fade Cut

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Prefer a sleek and smooth look? This V cut eliminates frizz by working with gel and hair product. It is the best look for your week at the office or for elegant occasions. A V cut in which that V is also more marked thanks to the lower gradient, with the hair placed on top.

V-shaped cut with marked lines

It’s all in the details of this V-shaped gradient cut hairstyle, they are trending. The top of the hair is styled up for a very strong texture and the curvy lines on the sides add more style to the cut and more depth. A type of cut that men like Cristiano Ronaldo would perfectly wear.

V cut very pronounced gradient

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Do you have little time in the morning? No need to worry about styling your hair when you have a sharp, shapely V thanks to the fade and shave on the sides.

V cut marked with thick hair

While you could use a fade to frame your V-cut, this style shows how you can rock the style with a full head of hair. Simply comb both sides back and use a center part to create emphasis at the point of the neck.

Fade and Layered V-cut

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This other cut is perfect for those men who like to always wear the latest in cuts and hairstyles. In this case, the trend of wearing gradient and V-shaped hair is combined with that of wearing the upper part in layers. A type of cut that, on the other hand, is perfect for creating body in those cases in which you have very fine hair.

Fade and Textured V-cut

Combine your straight hair and a V-cut with a fade fade and a scruffy, rough beard for an updated take on the Viking hairstyle. Use fingers and gel to shape strands for a messy look.

V-shade cut with ponytail

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Another way to wear the faded V cut is with a ponytail. This allows you to keep her top hair long and gather it into a ponytail. An upside down shaved V at the neckline adds additional detail.

Fade V-cut and Platinum Blonde

Add a platinum blonde to your thick hair for a modern take on the faded V. Although the neckline is small and subtle, it’s definitely a style change sure to please those who love to risk a little.

V-shaped cut “duck tail”

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For this other style of gradient cut that has a V shape, we are talking about a cut that has its own name. It is known as the “Duck Tail” Cut since it is a style that is somewhat reminiscent of what the body and tail of a duck is like. To do so, the hair has been carefully faded from the edges upwards so that the longest part at the top is swept back like a duck tail. And to add more contrast, the hair at the bottom is darker while the top layer is copper blonde.

Subtle Fade V-cut

For this look, the sides are one even length and molded into a square shape at the back of the neck with a triangle stitch right at the bottom to accentuate the V

Afro Fade V Cut

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The gradient V cut is also perfect if we have curly hair or afro hair. If you like it, you can wear it as you see in the image above. Here, the hair has been shaved in a thick layer that extends from above the ears to the bottom in a neat rounded shape. The hair gradually fades longer on top where it has a lot of volume marked by the afro.

Fade and Fade V Cut

This hair is thicker in the center and has a wavy texture that adds height. In the back, the hair gets shorter and shorter until ending with a completely faded layer, then shaved.

Stylish Fade V-cut

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A V-style haircut is a classy look for men, that’s because of the clean lines like the ones we see here. Add a little height above, and you’re all set to dazzle!

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