The best haircuts and hairstyles of Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik has become one of the most desired singers in music current pop. The former member of One Direction not only destroys his solo career but is also usually one of the celebrities who influences the most with his many changes in haircuts and hairstyles. This guy loves to vary his style and all of them seem to suit him so here’s a roundup of Zayn Malik’s best haircuts and hairstyles.

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Zayn Malik’s Best Haircuts and Hairstyles

Since he became known in 201o after going through the program “The X Factor” Zayn Malik is perhaps the member of One Direction with the largest number of followers (with the permission of his partner Harry Styles), and now that ” vuela” solo after leaving the group in 2015. It seems that he wanted a real change so that not only is his musical style much more mature, but his “look” has also changed a lot.

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From the first hairstyles with bangs when he was still a teenager, to the shaved and dyed hair that he has been sporting lately, Zayn has gone through many other styles, including long hair, or even quiffs. Let’s now see what all these cuts and hairstyles have been over the years.

Zayn Malik’s Best Hairstyles and Cuts | Bangs

With this first style that you see in the image, it’s how we met Zayn Malik when he was barely 15 years old. The bangs were a type of hairstyle that was very popular in 2009 and 2010, and now that it has returned with force, it is worth remembering how the singer looked. A bit juvenile but he was a boy and the truth is that it favored him a lot.

Zayn Malik’s Best Hairstyles and Cuts | Emo style

Once the fame of One Direction began on The X Factor, Zayn began to show signs that his thing was to change his cut or hairstyle whenever he felt like it. Here we see him with an emo style that is not that he looks bad at all, but the truth is, he has much better “looks”.

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Zayn Malik’s Best Hairstyles and Cuts | “Spiky” style

The “spiky” style, for example, suited him much better, and combined with that beard (which he is very fond of by the way), it made him have a somewhat rebellious appearance that drove fans crazy. This type of cut is back in fashion in 2016, so it won’t hurt for you to pay attention and take note so that you can wear it next summer.

Zayn Malik’s Best Hairstyles and Cuts | Tousled Style

Malik also feels comfortable with styles of the “toupee” or disheveled type with which he can look much more volume and incidentally, appear to be a little older. The singer has very soft features so that with short hair he seems younger and “looks” like this one favor him and also highlight his features more.

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Zayn Malik’s Best Hairstyles and Cuts | Toupee Style

And when we have seen him betting on the rocker “look” with classic toupees like the one you see in this other image, we simply love it. A hairstyle like this looks good on few men and in his case it reminds us of an icon from the past like James Dean. In addition, the detail of the blonde wick is a success.

Zayn Malik’s Best Hairstyles and Cuts | Long Style

During his last stage in One Direction, between 2014 and 2015, Zayn opted to let his hair grow and with it he achieved much more varied styles. In this image we see him with his hair combed back, leaving a lock loose and falling over his forehead. One of her best hairstyles without a doubt.

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Zayn Malik’s Best Hairstyles and Cuts | hipster style

With wearing long hair, Zayn also opted for the hipster “look” that many men still wear. The key to this hairstyle is to make the ponytail with all the hair up and with the sides very shaved. A very fresh style that you can also wear this summer.

Zayn Malik’s Best Hairstyles and Cuts | Shaved style

What did Zayn Malik do when he left One Direction? Well, everyone was surprised when, after announcing his departure from the group, he reappeared completely shaved. A somewhat radical “look” but which also favored him a lot, showing that there is no hairstyle that can resist this boy.

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Zayn Malik’s Best Hairstyles and Cuts | Dyed Style

But since it seems that he was not completely convinced with his shave, Zayn Malik opted last year to wear his hair dyed blonde, a color that later became green, white and even pink.

Zayn Malik’s Best Hairstyles and Cuts | Dyed Up Style

And this is how we can currently see him. In a modern quiff, with shaved sides and the ends of her hair dyed pink. A “look” that mixes various styles and with which he promotes the release of his first solo album. Without a doubt, a new success that will surely create a trend.

We have already shown you the best hairstyles and cuts of Zayn Malik, but if you want to see more we still have this photo gallery prepared.

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Zayn Malik haircuts in 2018

Talking about Zayn Malik’s haircuts in 2018 is not talking about a look or two. Not much less. The former One Direction changes his hairstyle more than his clothes. And this year is not being the exception. What’s more, doing the math, there’s almost a monthly makeover.

Now, when you set trends like Zayn Malik’s haircuts do in 2018, it is logical that shampoo, conditioner, dye and everything related to hair firms urge you to change every two for three . The singer is a gold mine, even more so when he has a top model like Gigi Hadid as a partner. They’re still young, but they’re poised to unseat Beyoncé and Jay-Z or the Beckhams.

Zayn Malik’s Best Hairstyles and Cuts | Dyed Short Style

This is the next natural step after shaving one and dyeing yourself blonde, letting it grow a little. As it is, this haircut looks great on Zayn Malik. Its base would be a shaved two in the lower part of the head and, above, cut with scissors or with a machine cut. It gives him a good but naughty boy look that can drive millions of fans all over the world crazy.

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This look lasted only a few days, during the month of March. Coincidences of life, it is the same haircut worn by Alex Stendhal, one of the main characters in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. Despite this, everyone knows that the pioneer in this hairstyle was none other than Eminem, in the late 90s. The rapper did go viral with the blonde dye. Many bald people now regret having followed his example.

Zayn Malik’s Best Hairstyles and Cuts | Emo style

Although the photo looks like it was taken in the 90s, at the height of Nirvana and its depressive grunge, the truth is that it was taken in April 2018. Yes, Zayn Malik’s emo era has come a little late… the 24 years! Halfway between Travis Barker and Little Nicky, it’s almost insulting that this hairstyle also suits him. If emo looks good on you, then you’re downright handsome. Zayn Malik is.

Right side of the head shaved, and the rest of the hair paraded and prepared to make a curtain like Pepe Oneto but with class and without a bald spot. The use of a ton of lacquer is essential, if we want to maintain the type for at least half an hour. Attitude is also essential. If you’re going emo, don’t put that half smile in the photo. You’re depressed because everything is horrible, remember?

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Zayn Malik’s Best Hairstyles and Cuts | Cool Bangs Style

Once he had enough of emo, which fortunately didn’t last long, Zayn Malik has opted for a striking and curious look that we haven’t quite deciphered. We already saw Katy Perry get a fake bob and leave her bangs forward. Like a swarm. It looks good because everything looks good on Zayn Malik but it’s hard to defend this hairstyle.

Shaved sides and back, slightly short head, and bangs disproportionately long by comparison. The idea is to wear it arranged but informal. Like Hugo Silva. Make it look like you’re going anyway but you spent more money on your hair than your clothes.

Zayn Malik’s Best Hairstyles and Cuts | Bad Boy Style

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One of her most celebrated looks. Short hair, shaved at the bottom, and disheveled at the top. If we combine it with a badass look and a leather jacket, you’ll be the new bad boy of world pop. It won’t work because you were a member of a big name boy band, but you’ve tried and we appreciate it.

In addition, short hair is the one that best suits Zayn Malik, but we understand that the firms that sponsor him prefer him to have long hair. That’s what they pay you for. What is clear is that as soon as he can, he returns to short. You know what feels good to you. You know what you like. And he knows what his millions of fans like. The question is, which haircut does Gigi Hadid prefer for her boyfriend?

Zayn Malik’s Best Hairstyles and Cuts | Green Bay Style

Yes, this is the last look we’ve seen on Zayn Malik. Bold as few. Rare to say the least. The question is why? Let’s see, if you know that 99% of haircuts look good on you, why would you get one of those meager 1%? We do not understand the green wicks, and less that they are the ones that glow in the dark. And that we love the haircut. But there’s nowhere to take it.

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What’s more, you just have to think about one thing before assuming these risky looks: Would Harry Styles do it? Your former partner is a benchmark for fashion and elegance, and can be a good role model. Of course, we will never see him with green hair, unless he is called to be the new Joker. That everything can be Of course, you will have to imagine the answer, because the relationship between Zayn and Harry is not very good, since the first left One Direction. Logical.

Zayn Malik’s Best Hairstyles and Cuts | Gigi Style

And the most recent of the looks, if we can call it that: the cap at the ready to cover those horrible green streaks. The truth is that the look that best suits Zayn Malik, regardless of his hair, is the one with Gigi Hadid next to him. The top model is not only one of the references on catwalks around the world, but also on Instagram and at the influencer level. A photo of the couple together makes the world stop.

People analyze everything. From the posture, to the clothes, going through, obviously, the hair. It is not a bad plan that, while the stage of the green highlights lasts, Zayn Malik opts for two essential elements in his photos: cap and Gigi Hadid. The first, it will prevent the highlights from being seen. The second will greatly divert attention from the singer in general and from his hair in particular. Well played, Zayn. Well played.

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Zayn Malik Haircuts and Hairstyles Photo Gallery

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Video on how to get one of Zayn Malik’s cuts and hairstyles

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