The best haircuts according to the type of work 2021

Why you should know the best haircuts according to the type of work 2021? Because in a job search, your CV is the least important thing. How you express yourself, how you behave, how you dress and, above all, how you look, will greatly influence your future career.

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For this reason, it is more than advisable to know the best haircuts according to the type of work 2021. Do you already have a job? You never know when you will stop having it or what the new buyers of the company will be like. Do not trust yourself and always keep in mind your attributes to enhance them.

The best haircuts according to the type of work 2021

Knowing the best haircuts according to the type of work 2021 is only part of a knowledge that you must take further. It is not the same to look for a job in banking, than in Health, than in restaurants. But in all three areas it is important to know how to stand out.

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Thus, the best haircuts according to the type of job 2021 will allow you to take advantage of other candidates. When there is so much demand for employment, every detail counts.

To look for work

To look for work, you must take into account a maxim: business culture defends a conservative image, and even old in some cases. That is to say, your crest is very cool but to look for a job, it is better to throw it back with a good handful of hair gel. And it is that the punk or alternative look is not the best bet to look for work.

Whether we like it more or less, the physique is a relevant part of looking for a job. We can get angry with the world or assume that, for now, it is what it is. If we opt for the second option, to look for work we must make certain concessions to our look and adapt it to where we go. When we are the owners of the company, we will give freedom to our employees. Or not. Who knows.

For executive positions

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If your candidacy is for executive positions, you have it clear: zero risks. The winning alternative is short hair, parted on one side and not very prominent bangs. For executive positions, the bet is a conservative haircut, one of those considered formal. That is, let it be seen that you take care of yourself, but that you are not an influencer or go to the latest fashion. If you give yourself a dot of gel, you will earn points.

To work in a company

If you are looking for a haircut to work in a company, the alternative is also to be modest. If you have short hair, better than medium length. If you wear it combed, better than crazy. The truth is that when it comes to firing two employees of similar abilities, the one with disheveled hair has more ballots.

And it is that to work in a company, we must look like a model employee. And this happens for always going perfect. Our haircut should give confidence to businessmen who, in general, are used to few hair inventions.

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To work with the public

To work with the public, you must have two non-negotiable qualities: infinite patience and a look that transmits confidence. The first goes with each person. The second, we can get it. To work with the public and for them to trust us, a haircut is as important as few elements.

A classic haircut, whether short and parted on the side, or combed back, offers a comfort to the client that has a simple explanation: it has been the look of a lifetime. Even the bank employees, when the whole issue of preferences, were exonerated by their clients, because they were their trusted people. Does anyone think that conservative haircut and suit or Sunday dress didn’t help in those cases?

For physical effort work

For jobs that require physical effort, a haircut is more important than it seems. To begin with, we must be comfortable. In other words, no long, loose hair that could bother our faces when we are carrying, for example, a massive wardrobe while moving.

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However, a big mistake that continues to be made is to think that for jobs involving physical effort, the haircut has no influence. Wrong. Given two alternatives, who will the customer choose? Who is shaved and well combed or who wears a torn shirt and hair in any way? The devil is in the details, and for physically demanding jobs, there are many details to consider.

For this reason, the simplest option for physical exertion work is a shaved head at 2 or very short hair and disheveled ends or grates to one side. Nor is it a bad option to wear a cap that covers us and collects our hair. Of course, the cap that is not from Caja Rural de Cuenca from 1992. Something modern, not too much, that gives an informal but well-groomed appearance. For example, a Starter cap from an NBA team.

For creative works

If our candidacy is for creative work, things change. The creative sector is much more informal than others and allows all the freedom in the world. What’s more, that freedom for creative work is applied to the haircut, so as not to hinder the creation process of the employees.

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When we talk about working for creative positions, we refer to the media, the art world or the music industry, for example. In all of them we see employees with very alternative looks, even provocative. From colored hair we didn’t know existed to extreme shaves, only part of the hair.

Obviously, it seems complicated that if the creative work you do is correct, you are going to lose your job for a more groundbreaking look than usual. Even those who are exposed, in one way or another, to the public, can even create a trend.

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