The best fashion tips for short men in summer

Are you shorter than average and have a hard time finding clothes that fit you well? ? Don’t worry, there is a solution. In fact, with the best summer fashion tips for short men, you’ll look your best on the beach, by the pool, or wherever you go on vacation.

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The best fashion tips for short men in summer

For an adult man to be considered short, he must measure less than 166 cm. Reality dictates that there are many men who are below that average, and that is not why they have to dress in any way. In fact, with the best fashion tips for short men in summer they will be a trend in every appearance.

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And it is that in summer, especially, it becomes more complicated due to the fact of wearing less clothes and being more exposed. No problem, you just have to know how to take advantage of what you have. By the way, it doesn’t hurt to know which are the best men’s short swimsuits for this summer. With that being said, these are the best fashion tips for short men in summer

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High shot in the pants

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Among the best fashion tips for short men in summer, this one is basic. Pants should never be wide, as they will make you look shorter if possible. You should take advantage of the length of the legs as much as you can, so strength or skinny pants will always be a much better option than a wide one that gives the opposite feeling to what we are looking for.

On the other hand, the trouser shot must be high. That fits the crotch and the waist rises as much as possible. The low rise will cut your legs visually and the effect can be counterproductive.

Vertical stripes

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When choosing a drawing, both in the upper and lower parts, do not hesitate to bet on vertical stripes. This alternative will stretch your body in the eyes of others and help you gain a few inches visually.

Whether in t-shirts, jerseys, shirts or pants, do not hesitate to bet on vertical stripes, regardless of their thickness. Keep in mind one of the best fashion tips for short men in summer

Neutral color

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When it comes to colors, the best fashion tips for short men in summer dictate that you bet on neutral, solid and smooth tones. If you want a drawing, as we have commented, make it vertical stripes, no patterns.

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In fact, the recommendation would be to wear a slightly lighter neutral tone in the upper area, while the lower area would wear a darker neutral tone. Never opt for a black look throughout the body, as it is counterproductive. On the contrary, bet on combining black with white and you will notice the difference.

Wear suspenders

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If you have never worn suspenders, it is time to start doing so. Put your belts away and bet on one of the fashion accessories that will also help to stylize your figure: suspenders. The reason? The feeling they give is that the upper area is longer. In addition, they will allow you to combine even more colors.

Yes, some of you will find it difficult to apply some of the best fashion tips for short men in summer but in the case of suspenders, it is an elegant, trendy and surprising option. Don’t even doubt it.

A blazer always

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We start from the premise that a blazer will always be an elegant and distinguished option. In the case of the best fashion tips for short men in summer, it will also mark your shoulders and maximize your back, giving the feeling that your figure is much more slim and elevated.

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Of course, it is important that when buying a blazer, you take it in your size. If not, you will make a fool of yourself and lose the effect you want. On the other hand, fasten only the button that is just above the belly button. Badge.

Long sleeve

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Short-sleeved shirts, in addition to being absolutely fashionable, will show that your arms are also short. Thus, among the best fashion tips for short men in summer, we tell you to bet on long-sleeved shirts, even if it’s hot.

In fact, the recommendation is that the long-sleeved shirt be rolled up, to give the sensation of a longer arm.

Head high

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If you want to appear taller, you must believe it. In this case, it is not worth walking hunched over or dragging your feet. On the contrary, you must walk upright, with your head held high, your shoulders squared and your gaze forward. You shouldn’t appear haughty but sure of yourself and confident. Without a doubt, this is the best of the best fashion tips for short men in summer

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Shoe insoles

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Never, under any circumstances, opt for shoes with a disproportionate heel, platform or sole. It’s a mistake because they’re going to give you several inches but they’re going to hog all the attention and they’re going to see that you’re a short guy who wears lifts.

If you want to grow a couple of centimeters and nobody finds out, everything goes through an insole inside each shoe. No one will notice, you will be comfortable and you will grow a little. Of course, you should look for closed and cool summer shoes so that your foot does not cook.

Stay away from accessories

One of the best fashion tips for short men in summer that we can give you is to give up all kinds of flashy, large or especially tacky accessories. The reason is that flashy accessories will focus attention on a point on your body, allowing you to compare the size of it with your anatomy, and you don’t want comparisons.

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Thus, XXL watches, platform shoes, impossible pendants or trouser buckles should stay at home. Bet on the simple and functional to look a little taller than you are.

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