The best cuts for long hair men Fall Spring Summer 2022

In recent decades, the predominance of short hair has prevailed but for several seasons, there are very popular long hair trends. There are many men who bet on long hair and choose very flattering long haircuts and hairstyles. Today we want to review the best long haircuts for men Fall Spring Summer 2022.

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In this way you will be able to see all the options that there are, surely this will help you launch yourself if you are thinking of leaving your hair long. And if you already have it, you can see all the hairstyle options that you will surely love.

The best haircuts for men long hair Fall Winter 2021

Hya many different kinds of hairstyles. Once the “taboo” of short hair has been broken, men now style their hair on every occasion as they most want. And we are glad of this change! There is a whole world of hairstyles that can be tried. Based on your type of face, the color of your eyes and your hair and skin, or your style when it comes to dressing, there are hairstyles that look better than others.

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The ideal is that you try until you find the one that will represent you, which will be the hairstyle with which others identify you. For this we are going to do a little review of some possible hairstyles, to see if you find what you are looking for.

Surfer style

Let’s start with one of the looks that is most associated with long hair hairstyles for men. It is the surfer style, famous because this urban tribe was one of the first to leave their hair long without holding back.

The surfer style consists of wearing the hair as it is now called “Californian”. Loose, wavy and with a certain volume. It is a hairstyle that seeks the naturalness of the hair on a day at the beach, and it usually looks very good on almost everyone. It is normally associated with Californian wicks, although it is not essential. We like it a lot, especially for those men who live in a seaside city.

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World Style

The mun style was made fashionable by Jared Leto a couple of years ago and it is still in force. It is very comfortable for all men, and now that it is in fashion, it is very popular and can be worn with both casual and formal clothes.

It consists of wearing your hair up but in an informal way and a little disheveled. Do you know when you make a ponytail at home and you don’t finish passing your hair in the last turn so that it is a little caught and doesn’t bother you? Sure enough, that’s the world style.

The updo is usually worn quite high, so that the lock of hair that is halfway between a ponytail and a bow remains at the nape of the neck. It’s comfortable and it’s very sexy that casual medium dot.

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Hipster style

It seemed that hipster fashion was going to pass us by, but it is still with us. If we review the best long haircuts for men Autumn Spring Summer 2022, this cannot be missing.

There are many ways to wear hipster hair. In general, it is about taking it natural, and even a little wild. If your hair is wavy or curly it will be perfect within this style. Straight doesn’t have to look bad either, but it doesn’t usually look as pretty with casual hairstyles.

The hipster style tends to bet on the parting on one side and the effect “I just ran my hand over my head and that’s how it’s styled”. It can be worn with any length of hair without any problem.

Medium length

The truth is that you don’t usually see many half-lengths. Men often opt for one extreme. Either they wear their hair short or they wear it long, and the medium length stays as a transition state that lasts a short time and to which it does not return.

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However, it is obvious if you look at the image below, there are many men who look very good with medium length hair and look very flattering that way. We like it a lot.

Medium length hair looks especially good on men with curly hair. When you have it very smooth if you wear it with this length it ends up looking emo. And that fashion is long gone. Whatever your hair is, the ideal is to wear it well weathered, to give it volume and movement. So you can escape the “helmet” effect.


Now yes! It’s time for men with straight hair. You cannot be prettier than with a perfect ponytail at the nape of the neck. The low-style ones are the most showy, they stylize and look very good.

In our opinion, the high updos should be for bows or the mun style, and the low updo for ponytails. What do you think?

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If you are going to opt for a hairstyle with a ponytail, we recommend that you wear it well done. Brush your hair well to remove frizz and then comb it into a ponytail. Try not to leave strands out and comb the part well. You’ll be lovely!


Finally we are going to see hairstyles with bows. You may think that the world style is already this. But not. The mun style is that halfway between bow and ponytail. The bow is the bow. The one of a lifetime. The one to twist the hair on itself and put a rubber band to fix it.

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It is a casual and formal hairstyle. It is used for all types of clothing and events. And the most important! It is super comfortable. It pulls your hair out of your face so you’ll be super comfortable at all times.

If it’s for something informal, for your day to day or for a plan with friends, it doesn’t matter how you do it. As we say, you can roll the hair on itself to form the bun. Or you can simply bend it with the rubber band until there are no loose strands left.

If it is for a more formal act, the ideal is to comb it well. Gather all the hair in a ponytail, and then form the bun however you like. It can be concentric, shapeless or however you like. But always well combed and stretched.

How to take care of long hair in men

If you decide to let your hair grow to wear it long, you should know that you will have to arm yourself with patience since getting a good mane is not a matter of days but months.

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It is also important that you take care of your hair with vitamins and that you eat so that it can grow healthier and stronger since we cannot forget that men have a tendency to lose hair over the years.

As it grows and when you already have long hair, try to use a shampoo that is specific for long hair and also always use a conditioner to take care of it.

On the other hand, never brush your hair when it is wet or damp as you may end up weakening the roots and in this way you may end up losing little by little.

When the length of your hair is already medium length, you can start using hair bands, so that you wear it up and it doesn’t bother your eyes and also that it doesn’t get so dirty or tangled. On the other hand, you have to be very careful with the “abuse” of hair tied up because, as I said before, men always end up falling out and in fact the only thing you will achieve by always wearing it with a ponytail is that it weakens more quickly.

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Image gallery of the best long haircuts for men Fall Winter 2021

Below we have prepared a complete gallery of images with the best long haircuts for men Fall Spring Summer 2022. We hope you like it and it inspires you.

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