The best crest hairstyles for men 2021

The best crest hairstyles for men 2021 or, what is the same, perpetuate Sid’s hair style Vicious. What began as a punk fashion, almost stigmatized, back in the 70s, has ended up taking root and becoming a trend that never fails. Now, whoever thinks that all mohawks are the same, take a look at the best mohawk hairstyles for men 2021 and see what a mistake you have lived in.

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The best crested hairstyles for men 2021

Talking about the best crested hairstyles for men 2021, when there is still so much left for summer, sounds strange. Or sounded. For a long time, the crest has become a timeless look, suitable for any time of the year. Of course, before launching into this look, you should find out what type of hairstyle suits your face best, and thus know which are the most recommended hairstyles for you.

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And it is that the rebellious point that the best crested hairstyles for men 2021 give, cannot be worn in summer, and changed in winter. What’s more, the crest is no longer a marginal haircut, and there are many successful men who opt for it. Even, as we will now see in the best crest hairstyles for men 2021, there are those who choose to combine crest and long hair in a most striking combo.

Crested Hairstyles for Men with Long Hair 2021

Crested hairstyles for men with long hair 2021 seemed like an impossible thing nowadays. Very common in the 70s and 80s, there were many who alternated a long crest with bright colors in their hair. Although it was red that was devastating. Today, the punk look has made a comeback and it is becoming more and more common to see this type of hairstyle.

Photo: @andrihl

In fact, the most extreme ridges are back. Without going any further, the one you see in the photo, with shaved hair on the sides to leave the full crest on the entire head. Colored hair and ends take a long time and a lot of dedication. Lacquer, dryer, wax and a lot of patience so that the eight ends are sharp and last as long as possible. Because being punk rock is very sacrificed.

Photo: @belenbecerra

If what you want is something more elegant and current, you have the option of giving your crest a loop effect. Of course, it is convenient to have certain notions of how to comb your hair, what utensils to use and how to do it. Do not hesitate to ask your usual hairdresser. The effect, as you can see, is fantastic and it is already one of the men’s crested hairstyles for long hair 2021

Photo: @miro-nails

On the other hand, if you want examples of crested hairstyles for men with long hair 2021, here is one of the most common. As simple as shaving the sides, to give more prominence if possible to the crest. A crest that to take to heaven, we must impregnate with hair gel or lacquer as if there were no tomorrow. Once the hair is smeared, it’s time to model. In this case, between the dryer and the hand itself, we will give it shape.

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It is very, very good to leave the bangs a little longer than the rest of the hair. And if we parade the cut, honey on flakes. Another alternative, of course, is to radicalize the look as much as possible. Thus, we not only take advantage of the length of the hair for an XXL crest, but also to turn our head into a chessboard. Simply stunning.

Crested Hairstyles for Men with Short Hair 2021

However, it is normal for men’s crested hairstyles to be with short hair 2021. Much simpler and more manageable. In addition, they allow us a tremendous variety of looks. For example, if we want to shave the sides to zero, one option is to dye the rest of the hair white and lift it completely. Sensational result.

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Photo: @filipofattilo7

And if the comb is not your usual hairstyle, among the combed hairstyles for men with short hair 2021 you will find this discreet and punctual alternative that can be the first step for something more extreme.

Photo: @maarcooz

And if you want to limit the amount of hair to a minimum, you have the option of this minimal crest, very Mohican and dyed green. When you get tired of her, shaved head and move on. One of the most recommended men’s short hairstyles with short hair 2021 because it can last from one day to several weeks.

Photo: @antonihairstylistt

Don’t say crest, say Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese footballer is a master in the art of men’s short hair combed hairstyles 2021. He has worn them in various sizes, colors and conditions, but always with one element in common: shaved sides. The round face of the Portuguese crack helps make spiky hair look great.

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In this case, Cristiano Ronaldo opted for a moderate shave on the sides and only dye the tips. The crest, in this case, is irregular and fascinating. Fascinating because the matches end, the Portuguese has finished several times with his head and has fallen to the ground as many others, but he continues with his pristine crest. The secret is a smooth cut, to unload quantity, and an extra strong hair gel. The shape of the crest is free, but in the case of Cristiano Ronaldo, it looks great.

And why not? Who said that little ones are not punk? Babies’ hair doesn’t allow for much joy and combs are always helpful.

Photo: @stefiordinaylife

If we do them during the bath, why not for the whole day? This baby is damn cute, but it doesn’t take a little angel to make a premature mohawk look great. Once she grows up and can decide, she may decide to continue her edgy look.

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Crested Hairstyles for Men with Straight Hair 2021

The crested hairstyles for men with straight hair 2021 seem simple and they are, but they have their crumb. And it is that one of the big problems of straight hair is that, weighing little, it tends to fall out. Let’s not say with a crest. For this reason, for mens crest hairstyles for straight hair 2021, it is recommended to keep your hair short and have a moderate crest.

However, if the world of aesthetics has taught us anything, it is that not everything should be as stipulated. So a ridge doesn’t have to be upright and this photo proves it. With the sides shaved with a razor, only the hair on the top remains. In this case, instead of lifting it, we let it fall.

Photo: @frico-x92

Obviously, we achieve the crest effect with the shaved side, although it can also be simply shaved, and in this way we give the usual crest a twist. The dye thing is optional.

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Crested Hairstyles for Men with Curly Hair 2021

We are not fooled. Zac Efron has wavy hair and in High School Musical he would take part of a day of filming to straighten it. What’s more, since he left the Disney factory, he has worn it short and, in this case, with a crest. And how does it fit. Putting aside the fact that he is one of the most handsome actors in Hollywood, he is also sporting one of the best men’s curly hairstyles for men with curly hair 2021.

In the case of the actor, the option is to cut all the hair with scissors. Nothing to shave the sides, but leave them short and focus attention on the upper part. There we find one of the most copied hairstyles for men with curly hair 2021. The head of hair converging towards the center but with more quantity in the bangs, so that it is this that sets the main point of the look.

Photos of crested hairstyles for men 2021

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