The Best Color Combinations To Bring Out A Tan

With the arrival of summer, everyone has a problem with tanning: it’s never enough . The brown skin that we have will always be one tone below the desired one. Therefore, we must find a way to enhance that skin color. And what better way to do it than with the best color combinations to bring out the tan.

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The best color combinations to highlight the tan

Knowing the best color combinations to highlight the tan can help you raise the color of your skin by one, even two tones. And it is not necessary to spend hours and hours in the sun, or buy a UVA machine to be the darkest in your environment, it is enough to appear so. And we are going to tell you how to do it.

These are the best color combinations to bring out the tan.

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Color combinations to highlight brown: white

It seems obvious, but you can’t begin an objection for the best color combinations to highlight the brown without the first choice being white. A classic and logical bet but one that continues to work like a charm.

There is no doubt that the best color to contrast how much or little brown you have is white. So, do not hesitate in a total white look, with white pants and shirt that you can even finish off with white espadrilles. In Ibiza, this look has been sweeping for decades and there they know something about fashion.

Color combinations to highlight brown: fluoride

Fluor shades? Why not? The phosphor colors have always been the most summery and a tremendous resource to highlight the brown. Now, which fluorine shade is best for us? For example, a most appropriate combination is a fluorescent green shirt, combined with jean shorts and dark espadrilles.

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Another alternative is coral tones, very fashionable for several seasons and that we can combine with beige bermuda shorts. And if we want to risk it with mosquitoes, there is also the fluorine yellow color option which, in this case, looks great with a broken tone at the bottom.

Color combinations to highlight the tan: black

Whoever says that the color black does not highlight the brown color is deceiving you in a bad way. The black tones are a success in summer, if what we want is to highlight the brown. As simple as checking that the color of the skin will be enhanced by the color of the garment that we choose.

In this case, the most advisable thing is a basic black t-shirt with a round or V-neck, combined with a bermuda short, also black or in some shade of red. A sure hit.

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Color combinations to highlight the tan: neutrals

What is a neutral color? Basically, the flesh color. In this case, choosing the tone is as simple as always looking for one that is below our skin tone. If we don’t know which one to choose, it’s better to opt for the lightest beige T-shirt or shirt there is and so we won’t fail.

Color combinations to highlight the tan: sky blue

Light blue is the quintessential summer blue, it comes back and comes back every season. And the reason is none other than his work as a tan enhancer. The best thing is that with this premise, in addition to light blue we have other variations such as sky blue or turquoise blue, which offer the same result as a tan multiplier.

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To combine it, you can opt for a swimsuit or shorts in a navy blue tone that goes more unnoticed and helps to focus attention on the upper area.

Color combinations to highlight the tan: patterns

Another summer must that we cannot miss are the prints. The shirts with floral motifs are the most successful. However, Hawaiian, animal prints or any other motif are also successful to highlight the summer tan.

To begin with, the combination of colors that the prints present, make the color of the skin gain prominence. But it is also that the look proposed by the printed shirts screams summer everywhere. The best possible combination, linen pants or jean shorts.

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Color combinations to highlight the tan: gold

If you dare with a shirt in a golden tone, you will hit the nail on the head in your desire to highlight your brown skin. Not only will it enhance the color, but the reflection of it will give your skin a wonderful golden tone. Without a doubt, a perfect look for a night party.

How to combine it? With other metallic garments. Details with chains, silver sneakers and everything you can think of. A tribute to Paco Rabanne in the middle of summer.

Color combinations to highlight the tan: lilac

We are not only talking about lilac, we can also count on light purple or lavender as the coolest alternative to pastel tones. Pastel tones that have always been great enhancers of brown skin, but that change trends year after year.

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If lilac doesn’t finish convincing you, a color not suitable for cowards, you can opt for more demure tones such as orange or garnet. Any pastel shade you choose will be a hit

Color combinations to highlight the tan: acids

We finish the color combinations to highlight the tan with a trip to the 90s with acid colors. Colors that also recall the psychedelia of the 60s and that return, cyclically, every three decades. In this case, as enhancers of your skin tone, you can choose the one you like the most: red, blue, orange, green…

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It is a safe bet that, in addition, you can combine with almost any dark bottom garment. From navy blues, to blacks, through browns or dark greys. The sandals should also preferably be dark tones to achieve the desired effect.

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