The best brands of watches for men 2021

Watches are one of the star accessories for men. An accessory that can give us that plus of elegance and originality. There is a wide variety on the market and sometimes the choice is not easy. For this reason, in this article we help you by reviewing the best brands of watches for men 2021, those brands of which you should see their catalog yes or yes before deciding.

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Patek Philippe

We start with one of the best-known luxury watch brands in the world, a true symbol in terms of exclusivity. Patek Philippe watches are not, of course, accessible to everyone and are intended for people with high purchasing power. The cheapest watch on offer is over 6,000 euros.

The brand (Swiss, how could it be otherwise) is owned by the billionaire Stern family. It is also famous for being the watch brand preferred by many important personalities, including the former King of Spain, Juan Carlos I.

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Audemars Piguet

Once again we have to talk about another Swiss watch brand that is a benchmark of quality. Audemars Piguet was founded over a century ago, specifically in 1875, and has stood out as a high-quality manufacturer ever since.

Throughout the years he has released series that have become emblems for the brand, some of which are still sold today. Among the most successful series we can mention the ‘Royal Oak’, which began to be marketed in 1972, the ‘Millenary’, which went on the market in 1995 or the ‘Jules Audemars’, which takes its name from one of the founders.

Vacheron Constantin

If we talk about watch brands with history, we cannot forget this brand, which has been manufacturing these objects since 1755. Not surprisingly, well-known historical figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte were some of those who wore watches on their wrists. this brand.

Currently, the company has about 1,000 workers around the world and produces about 20,000 watches a year. In 2015 they presented what is considered the most complex watch in the world, called Reference 57260, which has been in the making for 8 years. Its price will be around 10 million euros.

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Founded in Switzerland in the mid-19th century, it is one of the most reputable brands in the sector, especially due to the large number of advances, inventions and patents that they launched. Among some of its milestones is the production of the smallest and most complex watch in the world, or one of the first submersible watches, resistant to shocks and magnetic fields.

Currently all the brand’s watches pass the so-called 1,000-hour test, during which time they are subjected to rigorous tests to guarantee their quality and reliability.


If we had to cite a watch brand known for being a symbol of luxury and exclusivity, surely most of us would say Rolex. The difference between this brand and the rest of the luxury brands is that Rolex has managed to get closer to the general public, achieving sales of other much more general brands. Not in vain today the Swiss company produces around 2,000 watches a day. As if that were not enough, he is the official timekeeper of Formula 1, after replacing Tag-Heuer.

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Breguet & Fils

It is a watch company founded by the watchmaker Abraham Louis Breguet in the year 1775. He was one of the most outstanding watchmakers of his time, making numerous inventions that represented a great advance in this technology. This even earned him to enter the French Academy of Sciences. Currently, Breguet et fils is a watch brand that continues to bet on love and dedication. In addition, they stand out for their finer and more sophisticated designs, far from the large size and appearance of robustness of other brands.


There is no doubt that Switzerland not only stands out for the well-known cuckoo clocks, but they are the true leaders in all areas of this industry, including wristwatches. Girard-Perregaux is another of the brands that has contributed to this great fame over the years. It was founded at the end of the 18th century, although it has operated under its current name since 1854. Its history of models and inventions is so extensive that it even has a museum in France, in a place called Villa Marguerite, where you can take a tour of the entire history of this manufacturer.


Blacpain is a manufacturer that is currently well known for actively participating in numerous competitions related to the motor world. However, it is a brand whose watches have a series of peculiarities that are worth highlighting.

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On the one hand, the brand continues to live up to its slogan, which states that they have never made a quartz watch and that they never will. They have never made a watch with a digital display either. Unlike Rolex, which makes about 2,000 watches a day, Blacpain’s production is much more limited: about 30 watches are produced a day, and each one is dedicated to an exclusive professional.


Cartier is one of the most representative French brands in the world of fashion and luxury. It was founded in the mid-19th century by Louis Francois Cartier, although since the 1960s it is no longer controlled by this family (although the brand keeps its name). It is a brand that is known for its watches, but above all for its close relationship with the world of luxury and jewelry. They were known at the time as royal jewelers for a reason.

All these watch brands offer models of the highest quality and that grant exclusivity to the wearer. Although it is true that its price, in some cases, is beyond the possibilities of most mortals.

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