The best apps to buy clothes

No time to go shopping? No patience to find your ideal look? Not wanting to fight over the last jersey? You don’t need to go through any of that. Thanks to the best apps to buy clothes, you can have the latest fashion at home, comfortably and without any stress.

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The best applications to buy clothes

Before buying anything in the best applications to buy clothes, it is important that you know your measurements and sizes. It is essential. On the other hand, keep an eye on where you buy, as there are more and more fraudulent sites. So that you don’t get ripped off, we bring you the best apps to buy clothes.


It seems logical that the largest online store in the world has a spectacular clothing catalogue. Little can be said about Amazon that hasn’t already been said. Not only is it one of the best applications for buying clothes, but it is the benchmark for online commerce throughout the world.

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Her clothing catalog is impressive and her shipments, with Amazon Prime, reach you in less than 24 hours. Also, if you have a problem with the clothes, you can return it without problems. On the other hand, the Amazon app allows you to scan barcodes, search for products by photo, or even compare prices and products.

Within Amazon, the Amazon BuyVip option is also included. A small segment within the immense Amazon universe that has its punctuality in delivery, one of its great bonanzas. In addition, it has specific and exclusive promotions and collections, as well as clothing for all tastes and styles. This parallel app is worth it.

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Asos has become one of the best clothing shopping apps with quiet and silent work. What started with an app that few people knew about, has become a fashion giant on all levels.

Among the most celebrated aspects of Asos, its spectacular sales of up to 70%. Discounts to which are added the promotional codes that circulate through the network, and that can add an additional 10%.

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One of the benefits of Asos is that its shipments are completely free. In addition, it has its own brand at very good prices, launches of exclusive collections and agreements with renowned firms such as New Balance, Hugo Boss or G-Star.

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Zalando is another benchmark in the world of online fashion. This project, of German origin, has been among the best applications for buying clothes for years. Above all, since it allows product searches by photo. That is, you take a photo of the garment and its search engine finds it so that you can buy it.

Zalando has a catalog of more than 1,500 brands of all kinds of styles. From Burberry to Esprit, through Calvin Klein. And it is that in Zalando you can find, from a suit for a wedding to some shorts to go to the pool. Also look out for the spectacular catalog of shoes that it has. Obviously, it has the highest security standards when buying.

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Why is Wish among the best apps to buy clothes? Basically, because it is a very visual app where you are bombarded with images of products, adapted to your tastes. Thus, when choosing, it makes a pre-selection that saves you a lot of time searching beforehand.

With more than 100 million users, Wish is one of the applications that offers the best promotions and discounts to its customers. Articles of all brands with discounts of up to 80%. Obviously, home delivery included.

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Without a doubt, the flagship of Inditex has an app to boast of it. Elegant, intuitive, simple and very fast, ideal for buying everything you want and more. It’s not that it’s one of the best apps to buy clothes, it’s just that in terms of usability, it could be the best of all.

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The Zara application allows you to scan barcodes to find out if there is a specific size. You can even send a gift card from the app. In addition, when you place the order you have the option of sending it to your home or to the store of your choice, where you can pick up the clothes at no cost.

  • Click here to download the Zara app


The online commerce giant in China has long been established in Spain. Its endless catalog and its affordable prices have given it tremendous fame throughout the world. Obviously, clothes could not be missing, where we will find thousands and thousands of garments of all kinds. The app is very intuitive, colorful and agile, which is why it is among the best apps to buy clothes

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And yes, another advantage of AliExpress is that most of its orders do not include shipping costs. Since you place the order, until you get home, you are informed at all times of where it is. Last but not least, we must talk about their incredible prices. Based on surplus products or imitations, their offers, to this day, are unmatched.

By the way, watch out for their point system that turns into interesting discounts and promotions.

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Privalia is one of the best applications for buying clothes and one of the most respected for its elegance. And it is that in Privalia it is common to see collections of the most prestigious and elegant brands in the world of fashion, with discounts of up to 70%.

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One of the recommendations that is made to those who do not use it regularly is that they enter Privalia daily. The reason is that these campaigns change daily and sell out in hours. Campaigns with clothing for men, women and children. All of them with reasonably affordable shipping costs and more than acceptable delivery times.

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