The best 20 photos of men with Viking-style beards

Do you like to wear a beard or do you plan to wear one that is long and striking? ? Perhaps the trend that we want to present to you now is what makes you finally decide to bring out your inner “Viking” and bet on a beard that has nothing to envy to those that these incredible warriors used to wear. Take note, because we show you below some of the most spectacular images of Viking beards, with the best 20 photos of men with Viking-style beards.

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Rounded and braided Viking style beard

The most classic Viking-style beard of all, because it has all the elements that represent this type of beard: it is long, leafy and is also combined with small braids.

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Viking style beard braided with rings

If you bet on a long Viking-style beard, you can even do various hairstyles with it. In fact you can braid the hair of the beard in two braids as we see here, closing with special rings for dreadlocks or beards.

Short Viking style beard, braided and with rings

Another Viking-style beard in which the element of braids is the protagonist, along with the rings, this time placed on the edge of the face.

Viking style beard trimmed on the sides and pointed

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For a somewhat more current style of the long beard that the Vikings used to wear, nothing like choosing something similar to this other beard. Cropped to the maximum at the sides. It only leaves the length in the central part, but it is also cut so that it has a pointed shape, as if it were precisely a Viking arrow.

Trimmed Viking Style Beard

In the Vikings series, which has been the one that has restored the Viking-style beard to its splendor, almost all the characters have long and bushy beards, but in the first seasons, the central character of Ragnar has the beard that You see above, very cropped and also lowered.

Trimmed Viking-style beard and marked mustache

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You can thus wear a Viking-type beard style without the need for it to be long or for you to make braids. In fact, you can wear it trimmed, as long as you leave enough hair and that the mustache is also very well defined.

Viking style beard medium length

Or you can also opt for a medium length. In this way you can say that you have a Viking-style beard without having to spend all day combing it or applying oil and other products, although be careful, the medium length also requires care and more if you wear it full.

Medium Length Viking Beard with Shaved Hairstyle

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To create a nice contrast, nothing like choosing to combine your Viking-style beard with a modern cut or hairstyle, such as gradient cuts or those that combine long hair with shaved heads, as we see in the image of up.

Viking style beard longer in the center

For an even more Viking look, nothing like leaving your beard long but only in the central part to lower the sides and shave your head so that you can have a tougher look, just like the Vikings did.

Viking style beard like Ragnar Lodbrock’s

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As we have already said, at the beginning of the Vikings series, the character of Ragnar wears a completely short Viking-style beard, then little by little it grows and reveals a much tougher “look”.

Messy Viking Spider Beard

You can even see how the beard is getting more scruffy. This type of beard you see above is known as a “spider” beard as it appears to be all woven together like a spider web.

Volume and classic Viking style beard

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Also to be able to wear a Viking-style beard, it is important that you take into account its volume. It is not necessary that you leave it very populated, but you should gradually reduce it, although you also have to try to leave enough hair to make it look dense.

Long and stretched Viking style beard

To wear it with a more personal style, there is nothing like letting it grow but at the same time trimming it, so that you can wear it a little thinner and with an effect that seems to be stretched.

Viking Style Beard Medium Length Brunette

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Until now, all the Viking-style beards that we have seen are blonde or redheads, because these were the predominant color tones in the hair of the Vikings, but it is also possible to wear it in the case of being dark, since a beard long and bushy brunette will highlight even more.

Viking style beard combed and with volume

If you want a more current look, nothing like letting your beard grow, let it be very dense and once you achieve it, cut it, outline it and comb it to wear it with a style with volume that many will surely like of you.

Long Viking style beard with braid

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To those already seen, we add another proposal for a Viking-style beard with a braid, although in this case a thicker braid has been chosen.

Viking style beard with thick braid

A thick braid like the one in the previous photo or like the one you see now will be the solution for those days when your long Viking-style beard bothers you or you don’t feel like combing it.

Viking style beard with thin braid and ring

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Or you can also make a long braid from the length of your beard and close it with a simple elastic or also with a ring.

Hipster Viking style beard

If there is a style that goes well with the beards of the Viking type, it is the hipster style. This way you can combine both trends and get great looks as we see above.

Perfect Viking style beard

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Finally, what we consider to be the perfect Viking-style beard, since it has the right and precise density, but if you look closely, it has a long mustache that matches the short-length beard. The Viking-style beard that will make you rock this 2022.

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