The basic care you need to know for hair

Today, for this article we bring you the basic care for men’s hair. We have to be clear that our hair, like our face, is part of the first visual impact of people when they look at us. So it is very important to keep your hair well hydrated and very well cared for. Continue reading to know the necessary care so that your hair always looks healthy and perfect.

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Caring for hair is really important when we want it to look good, but also to keep it healthy and thus prevent hair loss, a problem that affects a high percentage of men. Today, luckily, there are a good number of anti-loss products, but apart from these (since not all of them will be effective), it is necessary that you take good care of your hair with good hygiene, with a healthy diet and above all applying those products that we do know are effective.

Next, we are going to see what are the basic hair care based on the different hygiene products that can be used and those that we consider necessary and essential.

Hygiene products for hair care


The first product we are going to talk about is the shampoo. This is a product that will help us keep our hair completely clean. It is the first thing we have to apply before using any product. It is very important to know that there are a wide variety of products, depending on the type of hair we have. That is, if we have dry, oily or damaged hair… in addition to products for specific hair problems, such as hair loss.

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On the other hand, be careful when buying shampoos that are promoted as “anti-loss” since many times they are not as efficient as we think. It is better that you buy a natural shampoo with a neutral Ph. And although it may surprise you, we can tell you that some of the best shampoos of this type are those for babies or children since they do not have so many components and are much more natural, something that often the long your hair will appreciate.


The second product that we are going to talk about will be the Conditioner, which is the closest thing to a moisturizing cream for the face. It moisturizes our hair, providing softness, so when combing our hair it will be much easier. Put a little in your hand, and work it from the root to the tip. This is applied right after the shampoo and we have to leave it on for a couple of minutes, rinsing it afterwards with plenty of water.

If you want to find a good men’s hair conditioner, we recommend that you choose one that has special ingredients that allow you to create a kind of barrier in your hair to prevent hair and scalp deterioration with actions to stimulate irrigation and that daily exposure situations such as sweat, city pollution and tangling of the hair itself can cause damage to the surface and interior of the hair fibers. If you want brands, some of the international Classic Daily Conditioner (which can cost you between 7 and 8 euros), or Tea Tree Conditioner from American Crew (which is somewhat more expensive and can cost you about 15 euros). Both brands can be somewhat difficult to find in Spanish stores, so I recommend that you buy them online.


The third product that we need to care for our hair is the mask. This contains a high amount of nutrients for our hair. Protecting us from external aggressions such as the sun or the wind. The way to apply the product is very simple and always after the shampoo, so if you use a mask you should not use a conditioner, and we should apply it once or twice a week. If you use a natural mask, made by you, you must apply it before washing so that you do not have any residue. Place a good amount in your hand and spread it throughout your hair, leaving it to act for 5 minutes, rinsing it afterwards with plenty of water. Below we explain how to make a simple natural mask to apply every fortnight.

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You will need: 1 egg yolk and 1 cup of milk.

Instructions: Beat the egg yolk until you see that it is frothy and add the milk. Apply the mixture generously throughout the hair, concentrating on the ends. Let the mask soak in for 10-15 minutes, then rinse hair thoroughly.

Fall prevention products

I want to make a special mention of those that are anti-hair loss products, since we can find shampoos, as well as conditioners and even masks that have specific ingredients to prevent hair from falling out, but there are also others that are They are applied precisely to stop the progressive loss of hair.

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This is the case of the capsules sold in pharmacies, from brands such as IFCIraltone or Vitalfan, and which are nutritional concentrates that we must take to control hair loss. These pills usually have trace elements and vitamins (such as copper, zinc or silino), which contribute to the maintenance of hair under normal conditions, as well as L-Cystine and amino acids, components that are part of hair keratin.

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