The ABC of fashion: The best tips and tricks of good dressing for us

Many of you , even family and friends have asked me questions that have to do with style and good masculine dress. Today I want to explain to you which are the most important points that you have to keep in mind for a good masculine dress, clearing up the confusion when combining clothes and colors. We’re going to make you a brush.

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For all those who are upset by not knowing how to dress, or who think the world of fashion or men’s clothing is something that is for others and who do not decide to improve themselves, I have prepared a series of tips so that you achieve the greatest possible elegance when choosing your own style. Let’s get started, are you in?

The best tips and tricks of good dressing for you

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Combine your shoes with the belt

You must begin to combine the colors, nothing to go like a clown down the street. It is the main rule of elegance, to combine the color of the shoes with that of the belt. Stick with traditional shoe and belt colors, such as black, dark brown, or even tan. The other colors will be much more difficult to match, so you may want to avoid them.

The tie must match the color of the shirt

The tie has to be the same color as the shirt. Try mixing up the colors and designs of the ties a bit more. Experiment a bit. The tie is a good way of expression. Choose solid ties or even diagonally striped ties, which have modern dots with plaid patterns. For this garment, the tie, I like the classic, since ties with innovative designs tend to have a short life in the world of fashion and style.

Plain pants VS pleats

Plain pants look much better than pleated ones. However, if you are “chubby”, pleated pants will make you look slimmer. But my advice is to use the plain pants, which are more current and I think, even if you look thinner, the plain pants will look much better than the ones with pleats.

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