The 5 rules to combine tie, shirt and suit

You cannot imagine how important it can be to combine a tie with a shirt until it arrives It’s time to put them on, and it’s because choosing a perfect combination that works the harmony between the shirt, the tie and the suit, for many of you can be a real challenge. And it’s not that complicated, you just have to follow these 5 rules that I give you below.

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Combining the perfect color of the tie is much easier than tying the knot, and for this, we are going to teach you how to do it. It will be enough to have a little common sense but above all, learn to bet on colors that are always the right ones, regardless of the season of the year in which we are.

1st rule: Choose the suit

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To begin with, you need to choose the suit. A very simple rule is that you should not start the house on the roof. I tell you this, because it has happened to me, to go to a store and a tie catches my eye, and what do I do? Buy it! Error. Since we do not know if we are going to be able to combine it, so do not be tempted. Then choose the shirt and put it under the jacket. If you don’t like the combination, choose another shirt that is a different color and try again, until you find the perfect color.

2nd rule: We choose the shirt to combine the best outfit

Second rule, we always choose a patterned shirt with a plain tie. For example, if you have a checkered or even striped patterned suit, you should not forget to wear a solid, solid color shirt and tie.

3rd rule: Large print with small print

The large print with a small print, that is, if you opt for a suit, for example, of a single color, such as dark blue or black, you should opt for a white or blue fine striped shirt that gives it a very original touch to the combination. With all this, you should not forget to wear a tie of one color or if you decide on a patterned tie, that it is with stripes, for example, wider than the stripes of the shirt. You must always follow this rule, the small print with the large print and vice versa.

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4th rule: Harmony and contrast

For the fourth rule, we will emphasize contrast and harmony. The combination of all the colors is found in seeking the harmony of the clothes by selecting the midpoint. As a general rule, these contrasts create harmony and colors that are balanced calm the opposites.

5th rule: Control what you spend as a whole

If you do not have much of a budget, buy key colors and leave the patterns and colors that are most striking, suits that have basic colors, such as black, blue or even gray, will end up helping you day after day. These are easy to match with the different shades of the ties and shirts.

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You must remember that…

The best combinations with patterned shirts are with solid colored ties.

The best combinations with plain shirts, ties should be of a single color or pattern.

The main combinations of ties

    The black tie goes perfectly with the black suit and a white shirt, but do not combine it, never with a black shirt.

    A white tie will stand out very little if you wear a white shirt.

    The pink tie will look great with a white or even light blue shirt, and a gray suit.

    The red tie combines perfectly with the white shirt, the light blue shirt and the blue one.

    The blue tie harmonizes with a blue shirt with the same tones or even lighter, in addition to the white shirt.

    And the green tie will always stand out with white, black or green shirts with much lighter tones.

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Are you sure how to perfectly combine your ties with suits and shirts? If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments of the article.

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