The 5 essential foods to be much more handsome

Today we want to talk about “nutricosmetics”. This can help us to be much more handsome. That is why I am going to talk to you about the foods that are going to help you look much more handsome, based on the nutrients that influence aesthetics. Take note because I am going to tell you how, with some foods included in your diet, you will be more handsome. Let’s eat it has been said!

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Undoubtedly, many cosmetic products use specific nutrients as ingredients. It is very important to use masks, creams and other products to be beautiful, but we can also help to this end by consuming cosmetic foods or “nutricosmetic foods”.

The foods that best favor your beauty

The “nutricosmetic foods”, due to their nutritional composition, when introduced as part of the daily diet, have effects on the physical appearance, either because it helps to prevent hair loss, to soften the skin, to improve the quality of nails, …

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There are foods whose effects are tested on the body of people and, therefore, we tell you what they are and why they are called “nutricosmetic foods”. These foods can be the perfect complement to your beauty products. Let’s start!

1. broccoli

Broccoli is not very common to find it as an ingredient in a cosmetic product. But this food is rich in Vitamin C that will help us prevent oxidative stress in our body, protecting us from the aging of our skin. It is also a great source of Vitamin A, which is a remedy against acne, and Carotenoids, which helps to have a pleasant skin pigmentation.

2. Almonds or even almond oil

Almonds are a very common food among the ingredients of cosmetics. They contain lipids that are very healthy for our skin, keeping it soft and elastic at the same time, as with broccoli, it delays skin aging. It is rich in Vitamin E that has antioxidant function, also preventing oxidative stress.

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3. milk

Milk has a high content of Vitamin A and D, which is excellent for skin care. They are also perfect for moisturizing hair and skin. It has a high water level and has the minerals that are required to achieve a correct water balance in the body. Thanks to its alkaline ph and calcium it will help us maintain the aesthetics of the mouth and teeth. White smile!

4. Spinach

Popeye already said it, you have to eat spinach to be stronger! Spinach is rich in Vitamin C, a powerful anti-wrinkle agent used in all creams, but it is also a great source of calcium and carotenoids. For our body, it helps to increase the production of coenzyme Q10, which helps prevent “crow’s feet”, dry skin, varicose veins and other vascular problems.

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5. oats

Oats are rich in Vitamin B, which help protect hair and nails, as well as hydrate lips. It has Vitamin E, which helps prevent premature aging of the skin, offering some essential fatty acids that keep the membranes intact and healthy. It is a good food to improve the intestinal transit of our body.

We could spend all day expanding the list, but I wanted to highlight the most important foods for cosmetics since they are essential in beauty products and, furthermore, they are very easy to introduce into our diet.

A balanced and nutritious diet helps us to be healthier on the inside and be more beautiful on the outside.

Foods to avoid to be more handsome

Logically, the world of nutrition has two facets. On the one hand, there are foods that provide us with a large number of benefits, such as those that we have mentioned in the previous lines, and also those that we must avoid for the good of our health. As it is also convenient for you to know which are the foods that are most detrimental to your external appearance, below we want to present you which are the ones that you should avoid consuming as much as possible to enjoy lasting beauty.

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-The junk food. We are very sorry, but processed food is enormously harmful, both to our health and to our external appearance. These types of foods, such as sweets, sugary drinks, fast food, French fries and the like, dry out the skin, contain toxins that promote early aging and the appearance of wrinkles, and contain annoying fat that promotes the appearance of wrinkles. of pimples and other stains. Likewise, they also damage the appearance of the hair and can also promote the appearance of dandruff and eczema, if your skin is already prone to this type of skin problems. Therefore, if you eat a lot of foods that can be considered junk or highly processed, try to eliminate them from your diet as much as possible. You’ll notice the difference right away.

–Caffeinated drinks. Caffeine is often linked to dehydration and also absorbs much-needed nutrients for our bodies, denying us the ability to take advantage of them. It also reduces our natural energy and is a highly addictive substance, which makes us want more and more, damaging our body increasingly. Therefore, try to consume a minimum amount of caffeine and compensate for the dehydration that is associated with it by drinking more water when you take it.

–The shellfish. This may come as a surprise, given that shellfish is a naturally low-fat food that is strongly recommended for use in all types of diets, especially those focused on weight loss. However, shellfish such as shrimp, crab or lobster contain a large amount of iodine, which dries out the skin a lot and clogs the pores, causing the appearance of pimples, wrinkles and crow’s feet. Also, if you have problems such as acne or eczema, regular consumption of this type of food will increase this problem. Therefore, if you enjoy seafood, try substituting seafood for fish rich in omega 3 oils to reduce cholesterol and make your skin more hydrated and elastic.

–Alcohol. Alcohol greatly damages our body, as it is enormously toxic and can cause a large number of problems. In terms of beauty, the continued consumption of alcohol favors swelling, the appearance of spots, pimples and wrinkles, and it dries out the skin and hair a lot, greatly damaging the general appearance of the people who consume it. Likewise, it absorbs many nutrients that are very important for our body, harming us in various aspects. Therefore, moderate your alcohol consumption. Both your external appearance and your health will thank you very much.

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–Wheat and flour-related products. Surely you have heard or read something related to the trend, very popular in recent times, to avoid products with gluten or those linked to wheat. Although they are not as harmful as they say, it is true that they can cause certain problems. Gluten-containing products can be difficult to digest for those who have stomach or intestinal problems, and the lectin they contain favors the appearance of cellulite and the accumulation of fat in various parts of the body, such as the stomach and face. Therefore, if you want to control your weight and fat accumulation, try to avoid products that contain gluten, flour and wheat.

–Processed meat. The problem with processed meat is not so much the meat itself, but that they have injected the animals from which they come with hormones and. In addition, they have been fed with few natural products. If we add to all this the dyes and preservatives with which they reach consumers, we are talking about introducing a large amount of toxic products to your health into your body. Specifically, the hormonal imbalance that its constant consumption can cause leads to the appearance of pimples, oily skin, spots and wrinkles that are very difficult to eradicate if its consumption is not interrupted. In addition, these toxins can make us gain a lot of weight and cause other types of health problems. Therefore, try not to eat too many frozen or processed meats and choose the most natural options available to you. Buying meat from naturally raised and fed animals will do you much better in the long run, both in terms of health and beauty.

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