The 10 best cheap clubs in Madrid 2022 to party

Madrid is one of the leisure capitals in Spain . We can find in it incredible nightclubs, some of which are even internationally famous. However, not all of them cost the same or have a price that includes consumption. For this reason, we want to present you now the X best cheap clubs in Madrid 2022 to party.

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To enjoy Madrid nightlife to the fullest, we have created for you the list of the 10 best clubs in Madrid that also have a fairly cheap price.

Barceló Theatre


The old Pachá in Madrid, Teatro Barceló has become one of the essential venues at night in Madrid. Just by visiting its building, which dates from the 1930s, it is already worth going. In addition, celebrities of all kinds have been and have danced in this disco, from Prince to Mick Jagger and even Andy Warhol. The price is another of the incentives to go to Teatro Barceló since the entrance goes from 10 to 20 euros with a drink included, although yes, you must know how to dress to go to Teatro Barceló since it has a dress code and the entrance It is only for people over 23 years old.

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Goya Social Club


Nightclub located at Calle Goya 43 that has a wide variety of audiences, although we recommend you go if you like house music. At Goya Social Club you can go and dance all night to the rhythm of the best music of the aforementioned style, but also, there are nights when almost by surprise some of the most prestigious DJs of the genre play. As for prices, if you sign up for the Xceed list, you can enter the club for €15 with one drink or €18 with two; and if you want a special treatment, you can find the VIP option with 1 bottle and entry for 4 people that has a price of 120 euros.

Kapital Theatre


Teatro Kapital is one of the most emblematic nightclubs in all of Madrid. Located in the center of Madrid and specifically, in Atocha, it has 7 floors where you can find the most diverse styles of music. The price to enter this nightclub is 18 euros and two drinks, although if you sign up for the Xceed list you save one euro. Of course, you must enter before 01:30 and in the event that you want VIP treatment, you can reserve a table with a bottle and entry for 5 people for 140 euros.

The Riviera

Talking about the Riviera is mentioning one of the best concert halls in Madrid, but this is also a nightclub that you should go to and it is also one of the cheapest. In it you can listen to the best Spanish, rock or electronic music without forgetting that hours before a concert may be held. The ticket price may vary depending on the event but generally costs around 15 euros.

Opium Madrid


Opium Madrid is another of the best nightclubs in Madrid and in this case, one of the most outstanding in terms of prices. Open all year round, Opium is a place where you can dance to the rhythm of the best commercial and house music and also do it for free in the case of girls while boys pay 10 euros if they enter before 01:00.

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In Moncloa (which is the largest university area in Madrid), it is where the Gotham room is located, which recently received a complete remodeling and reopened its doors to the delight of its audience, mostly young people who love everything they play; from House and electro to reggaeton and all the hits of the moment.

University students are the ones that pack this room that also has an alternative atmosphere that will make you feel like you are in an urban club in New York.

As for what it costs, girls get in for free if they sign up for the Xceed list. If the kids do the same, they can pay 10 euros with a free drink.

Pirandello Room

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Sala Pirandello is one of the clubs that most represents the LGBT community in Madrid and hosts crazy nights like a “party without pants”. Hits, Dance and House will make you dance all night and the entrance price is usually around 12 euros.

Mondo Disko

Mondo has established itself as one of the leading Techno clubs in Madrid. Week after week, its line-up brings the best international DJs from the techno scene to Madrid and attracts a large number of followers, who pack Sala Coco every Saturday. Normally, the entrance costs €13 with a drink before 01:00.

Arena Room

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Despite the name changes in recent years (from Sala Arena, to Sala Heineken, from Sala Marco Aldany to Sala Arena again), this nightclub located right next to the Plaza de España has constantly been one of the the pillars of the electronic music scene in Madrid.

Home to some of the most successful parties that have been held in the capital (Zoologico, Zombie Club, etc.), this year the club presented a new party, Ekho, which promises to bring renowned Techno DJs every Friday world to Madrid’s nightlife.

As for prices, the entrance with two drinks costs 15 euros.



Finally, one of the recently opened clubs in the capital but which has already become another essential if you want to have a fun night. In this case, it is a place where you can enjoy the best electronic music and in fact, some of the best DJs of the genre on the international scene usually play. The price of admission to Nox Club is variable and for this reason we place it in the last position. Depending on who is DJing or the night it is, we can find one price or another, but the average is usually between 20-25 euros.

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