Tattoos of Celebrities: Photos of tattoos for men 2022

Here you will find the tattoos of celebrities: Photos of tattoos for men 2022. Tattoos hot guys in fashion in 2022. One of the great truths about tattoos is that after getting your first tattoo, unless it was a somewhat traumatic experience, the desire to have more on your skin is almost uncontrollable.

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There are many actors, athletes,… who wear them. The world of tattoos continues to gain followers and that is why I am going to show you the best photos of tattoos for men 2022. Come and see!

Tattoos for men 2022 – Photos

The tattoo is a body art and form of expression. Many seek to highlight the physical complexion, biceps, abdomen, in short, seek to highlight the masculine, but others aim to mark something on their skin that has been relevant to them in their lives: dates, photos, phrases… so a small tattoo for men it can also look great.

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We may also feel inspired or influenced by someone famous and, for example, if we think of names that come to mind, it is clear that David Beckham was one of the first to have tattoos all over his body. A pioneer in the art of wearing “tattoos” that still serves as a reference.

The fashion of tattoos

Time ago, people who wore tattoos were considered rude: sailors, soldiers, prisoners… However, the symbology of these drawings on the skin has changed and now it is much more common to see more men and women making a mark on their skin. skin for life.

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This year the tattoos that are in fashion are 3D, so we leave you this link so you can see all of them:

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  • The best 3D tattoos

Celebrities have done a lot to make them fashionable and both men and women have ended up succumbing to having any part of their body tattooed

The curious thing about this is that those who dare with needles say that once you start you can’t stop. Are tattoos really addictive fashion? What do you think? There are more and more men that we see with their entire bodies tattooed, especially in the area of ​​the chest and arms, so fashion has ended up imposing itself and we will see how surely in 2022 it will go further.

Many models, athletes, artists manage to enhance, and a lot, the sensuality of their bodies thanks to tattoos. A good base is that they have a beautiful body with a low percentage of fat and very well worked musculature. On these chiseled bodies they achieve designs that are spectacular. We show you some of the most famous tattoos:

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Tattoos for men 2022: Celebrity tattoos

We are going to see the best tattoos that our favorite celebrities wear, whether they are athletes, actors, singers… they all join this new trend. Discover with us the tattoos of celebrities 2022.

Celebrity Tattoos 2022: Zayn Malik

Harry Styles and Zayn Malik were much more than 40% of One Direction and, years after the dissolution of the group, it has been proven. Both artists, in addition to a common past, have dozens of tattoos between them and are two barbaric trendsetters.

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We start with Zayn Malik, one of his first tattoos came to celebrate the release of his first solo album. Mind of Mine can be read on his left arm.

Somewhat more complicated, at least for those who don’t know Arabic, is to read the phrase ‘Be true to yourself’ that she wears on her shoulder blade. It is a tribute to his father, who professes said religion.

Although the tattoos that continue to surprise the most, even more than those on his head, are those that honor one of his great hobbies: comics. Thus, in the body of Zayn Malik we can find Deadpool, Hulk, Batman or Joker. Of course, only Gigi Hadid can see them daily.

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Celebrity tattoos 2022: Harry Styles

Each Harry Styles tattoo has a story behind it. That is, your body has many stories to tell. From the ’17 Black’ that he got tattooed because it was the card with which he lost a lot of money in a gambling hall in Australia, to the Pingu that he shares with Ed Sheeran, for being their favorite childhood character.

Although one of the most symbolic of the singer’s body is the butterfly, which symbolizes the growth and maturation of Harry Styles as an artist and person.

Now, the true jewels in the crown are the small tattoos with which the artist honors his loved ones. From the name of his godson, Jackson, to the Hebrew name of his sister Gemma, who also has an icy gem on one arm. They are joined by his mother’s A (Anne) and his stepfather’s R, Robin Twist.

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And yes, he also shares a black heart with his great friend Zayn Malik

Celebrity tattoos 2022: Johnny Depp

One of Tim Burton’s most important, well-known and favorite actors is Johnny Depp. He is a very important actor in the current billboard and he is a fan of tattoos.

He has many tattoos all over his body. But his first tattoos began to be done on his arms, like most.

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He became an Indian chief and the dedication to his ex, who changed it after the breakup, Winona Ryder. Both on his arms and hands he continues to get more and more, expanding his tattoos.

For the actor, tattoos are a way of expressing himself and for this reason he has come to say: “my body is a newspaper, and my tattoos are my stories“.

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Celebrity Tattoos 2022: Adam Von Rothfelder

Model and actor in commercials for the small screen. Adam Von Rothfelder is characterized by having striking full color tattoos

But he doesn’t only have tattoos on his chest, any part of the body is good to show off a tattoo, a phrase, image, symbol that has marked us.

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Chest, arms, neck, hips… Adam Von Rothfelder dares with all kinds of tattoos, usually colored.

Celebrity tattoos 2022: Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos is captain of Real Madrid and central defender of the Spanish team. This Sevillian is white history and is on his way to becoming the player with the most titles in the club’s history. Each and every one of them has a place on their skin. From the Champions League, to the World Cup or the two European Championships with La Roja.

The Spanish soccer player from Real Madrid shows his life through tattoos. Every important thing or event that happens to him in his life is tattooed on him.

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The Sevillian adds more and more, throughout the body. On the calf the World Cup, on the left arm the word roots. And that of this cover of Men’s Health some years have already passed. Now Sergio Ramos has a lot less space to cover on his body.

Even the King of Pop Michael Jackson, with his famous dance move. Every inch of her body is a place to show us an episode of her life.

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Famous Tattoos 2022: Justin Bieber

Whether we like it or not, Justin Bieber has also contributed to the fever that people have today for tattoos. In fact, he is the clear example of a teenager who has fallen in love with the trend of “tattoos” all over his body and in little more than four years he has had more than 20 tattoos all over his body.

The young singer is a big fan of tattoos, he is over 52 with their symbolic meaning for him. The first tattoo he got was a seagull in 2010 and several members of his family have it too.

Little by little, he has been getting more tattoos, getting to have almost his entire body full of symbols for the 20-year-old star. Phrases, symbols, images…

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In 2012 Jesus Christ was tattooed on his left leg and it was done in 2012.

Every time he tattoos bigger things, you just have to see his arms or chest. In addition, he always makes his fans participate through social networks so that they can see his works of art.

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Famous Tattoos 2022: David Beckham

David Beckham is another famous person who bets on tattoos. In his case he has been wearing them for years but this year he released some. Beckham is for many, the architect of all this fashion of wearing tattoos all over the body in the world of football.

It is said that he is over 40, a figure that grows year by year and that Beckham concentrates on some parts like arms.

One of the last ones that has been made, this year is a strange symbol on the finger in which he wears his wedding ring. Could it be something related to his wife?

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The star, now converted into a fashion model and businessman, also recently debuted a tattoo on his ankle. A couple of children who showed on Instagram. But he has also made the leap to tattooing his neck, head and face, leaving only his unmistakable face unpainted.

And another one, recently revealed that he had gotten a tattoo on his hand, which shows a girl. The drawing was made by her four-year-old daughter Harper.

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Famous tattoos 2022: Neymar

Now we are going to see Neymar’s tattoos. Following in Beckham’s footsteps, we have Neymar Jr, who is perhaps one of the footballers with the most tattoos on his body. It is said to be over 30.

The FC Barcelona star never stops demonstrating his passion for getting tattooed. In fact, every time he has the chance he does it and that’s why it’s news.

It was recently learned that one of his most recent tattoos is that of a tiger that he wears on his forearm, and that it is really spectacular.

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Many of the “tattoos” that Neymar wears are also related to religion.

Other tattoos are related to his family and specifically to his sister, whom he has tattooed on his arm.

Celebrity tattoos 2022: Maluma

Another of the celebrities who show their tattoos the most is the case of the reggaeton singer Maluma who is living his best moments in the workplace, achieving success after success despite the controversies that surrounded him as a macho with the song ” 4 babies”. Below we see all of Maluma’s tattoos within celebrity tattoos 2022.

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In recent statements, Maluma confesses to being a great fan of tattoos and explains that the first tattoo he got was the one on his left leg where it says Maluma, which, in addition to his stage name, also represents his family: Marlli, his mother, Luis his father and Manuela his sister. The next one that was made is the one that we can see most often: the one that puts “magic” on the left arm. Then, after a stage where he was fascinated by Buddhism, he decided to tattoo a Buddha. He also has a lotus flower tattoo.

The tattoos continue with the names and members of his family. In this way, he has the date of birth of his cousin Apollo tattooed on his clavicle and the name of his little cousin, Romeo, on his back. He also has a tattoo of the music star and an owl that represents wisdom.

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It also has a swallow that represents fidelity and reminds him that he must be close to his family and a compass so that he does not forget to lose his way and keep in mind that he owes everything to his fans. The famous crown behind her ear is also a tribute to her fans.

The last tattoo that has been made is that of a lion on his chest which, according to the singer, represents a new stage in his life full of strength and leadership.

Celebrity tattoos 2022: Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is one of the most popular singers today and he doesn’t stop getting hit after hit. What we also know about him is his great fondness for tattoos that he has been showing us little by little on his Instagram and also in his video clip Shape of you where he appears shirtless in a ring. His close friends say that Ed has spent over forty hours tattooing himself in the last year.

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Her trusted tattoo artist is Kevin Paul and, among many other tattoos, he was in charge of tattooing the lips of Mick Jagger, singer of the Rolling Stones. But Kevin Paul is not new to this matter because he already has experience with other celebrities like Rihanna. According to this tattoo artist, Ed Sheeran now has more than 30 tattoos on his chest and others on his arms. He also adds that the singer has suffered a lot of pain with each of them.

Ed Sheeran recently told a UK magazine that his favorite tattoos are one of a Japanese letter that he got the first time he played in Japan and a lion on his chest that took almost 15 hours to tattoo.

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The singer has explained that he gets his tattoos for things he has done and of which he is proud or for an event that he wants to always remember.

Celebrity Tattoos 2022: James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez is one of the most famous footballers of Real Madrid and is also known for his tattoos that he wears all over his body. Among them a Koi fish that represents love and strength. It is based on a legend whereby the fish that managed to swim against the current climbed the waterfalls and turned into dragons.

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But he also has other tattoos that we want to review in this article, such as the one we see in the photograph above that puts Salomé, the name of his daughter.

But he also has other names tattooed on his arm such as his mother’s, Pilar, his wife’s, Daniela who has it as “Dani” and Juana, his sister’s name. It also has a crown with the phrase “When a person bows his head before God, God crowns his head.”

Famous Tattoos 2022: Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson popularly known as The Rock (the Rock) is an actor, bodybuilder and professional wrestler. But now we are going to talk about the tattoos he has, the Polynesian tribal design on the left arm stands out, which actually occupies the arm, chest and shoulder.

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The right arm is based on his zodiac sign, i.e. Taurus since he was born on May 2nd. The actor has explained that he did it on behalf of his life, his history and that of his family. Although they seem like few tattoos, you have to think that those tattoos would occupy the entire body of any person.

Famous Tattoos 2022: Steve-O

Steve-O is one of the most famous British commentators and is also an actor. Let’s talk about the tattoos he has that have caused so much talk.

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The flamboyant stunt performer and rapper tattooed himself all over his back, his face, his face to an immense size. What do you think? We leave this photo for you to see.

Famous Tattoos 2022: Tim Commerford

Tim Commerford is the famous bassist for the music group Rage Against the Machine. His tattoo is one of the most famous in the world as it has a unique design.

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Start on the chest, arms, entire back and stand out because of all the black ink. He has almost his entire body tattooed, including, as you can see, his legs.

Famous Tattoos 2022: Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin is one of the best-known singers worldwide, without forgetting that he is also a composer and actor. His tattoos have a meaning, he has several tattoos, a rose in his groin, the figure of a woman symbolizing the four fundamental elements, or what is the same: sea, earth, fire and air.

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In Aramaic he has written the Our Father giving us to see that he is a religious man, the lotus flower on his left arm. In addition to wearing a reddish border on the left leg.

Tattoos for men 2022 – Trends

After having seen celebrity tattoos, there is nothing like selecting one of the latest trends in tattoos 2022. They are all designs that are very popular and that you will surely see throughout the summer. So that you can be inspired and also show off your tattooed body. We start by suggesting heavily tattooed bodies as is the current trend.

Trends in Tattoos for men 2022 – Drawings with wings

The celebrities that we have seen above (and others) do not hesitate to tattoo their arms completely and, of course, their backs, an area that men love to have tattooed and where you can make all kinds of drawings, be it a eagle, an angel or even wings.

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The neck is also an area that is currently chosen a lot for all kinds of tattoos. In it you can make smaller drawings but no less spectacular. Look, for example, at all the small tattoos on the model above, a jewel in the center and spectacular decoration around it.

You have to be careful, however, with all those tattoos in areas such as the neck, since it may be that in some jobs they give you “hits”.

The truth is that tattoos are increasingly common and everyone wears them, but still and depending on what we do, they will ask us to cover them up.

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That is why we have to choose well and think about whether wearing a tattoo on our face, for example, can bring us “problems” in our day to day.

Anyway, it is good that you know all the trends and these that we show you are the ones that are currently sweeping.

Trends in Tattoos for men 2022 – Skulls

In terms of designs and drawings we have to mention of course, the skulls that are a trend in both male and female tattoos. You can make skulls like the ones you see above, which are somewhat creepy, or you can choose more striking models in which to introduce some color.

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Along with the skulls, those that are known as “Mexican skulls” are also given a lot or if you prefer what is known as “catrinas” and that is the Mexican representation of death. The designs for these can be varied. Above is a drawing of a catrina as if she were a beautiful young woman tattooed on one arm.

They are beautiful, and the best thing is that they have become fashionable for both men and women.

Trends in Tattoos for men 2022 – Animals on the chest

Another trend that is increasingly seen in men’s bodies is having animals on their chests, whatever the type, as we can see in the photo.

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Trends in Tattoos for men 2022 – Superhero

Superheroes are also a trend that is going strong and they look good on any part of the body, but it will depend on the size you want.

Trends in Tattoos for men 2022- Stars

Years ago they were in fashion and now the stars are back. Whether it’s on the elbows, hips, ankles… they always look good.

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Trends in Tattoos for men 2022 – Triangles

Another geometric figure increasingly seen in the body of men are triangles. As we can see in the photo below, we recommend that you do them in your arms.

Trends in Tattoos for men 2022 – Anchor and compass

Symbols of the sea are always very showy, beautiful and have a sentimental point. The most used are the anchor, as we see in the following image.

And the compass that also has a special meaning, finding meaning in life, the right course… These tattoos are also very beautiful for women.

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Trends in Tattoos for men 2022 – Guns

Guns have always caught the attention of most men, so pistols can be a good choice.

Trends in Tattoos for men 2022 – Diamonds

Another unisex tattoo is diamonds. You can get a tattoo on any part of your body, the only thing you have to take into account is the size.

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Trends in Tattoos for men 2022 – Lines

The lines are very handy, you can make several together as one, thinner or wider… or combine them.

Another trend is the cross, a small cross is beautiful and delicate.

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Trends in Tattoos for men 2022 – Birds

One of the animals that we see the most in the body are birds or their wings and feathers. Animals like butterflies can look great like the photo

The feathers that derive from birds and birds are very showy and in black they look great.

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An eagle has many meanings, it symbolizes power, light, fire. He has a spiritual power, courage and courage. That’s why many men get it tattooed.

It can be tattooed in many shapes, sizes and colors according to the taste of each one.

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Trends in Tattoos for men 2022 – Phrases

The phrases and messages are the most viewed tattoos. With words we can express many things, feelings, moods, phrases with a special meaning for us…

Video of Tattoos for men 2022

Together with everything we have explained about tattoos, we leave you this complete photo gallery where you can find many more designs.

If you are looking for other articles related to tattoos, we recommend that you visit the Home of

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Photos of Tattoos for men 2022

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What do you think? I love them, although they scare me a bit… Can you help me and tell me which ones you like best?

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