Tailored Suits – Where to get the best tailored suit? (best tailor shops)

The patterns in fashion follow a series of standard models, often little patterns are used realistic. Designs that seem created for ten or proportionate bodies, but this type of body is not the most common. So, if we don’t have a body ten, how can we get a garment that fits us perfectly? The answer is simple, tailored suits, today we want to dedicate our space to talk about them, where to get the best tailored suit? or What are the best tailor shops?

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The best tailor shops to make a tailored suit

Those of us who like fashion know how important it is to wear a well-made suit, a suit created uniquely and exclusively for you, suits made by hand, with pins, needles, threads, etc., without industrial machinery . A well-made suit, adapted to your body, knowing how to hide what interests us and enhancing the best of us.

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When we order a tailored suit, we have the opportunity to choose the type of fabric that we like best. Determine if we want two or three buttons, if we want the jacket crossed or not crossed, flaps or not in the pockets, etc. An opportunity to show off a quality product created exclusively for us. A suit that no one else will be able to wear, because if anything characterizes tailoring suits it is exclusivity.

But to create a good suit you need good hands, and we are going to take care of this now. In our country we have the honor of having a wide representation of couturiers specialized in traditional tailoring. Now we are going to see a selection of what we consider to be the best tailor shops to make a tailored suit.

Lander Urquijo

In 2009, a new firm was born whose main objective is to bring traditional tailoring back to life. Bringing to the 21st century, a type of classic clothing with different avant-garde flashes, an exclusive offer that Lander Urquijo has been able to create and that is also the hallmark of the firm.

The materials with which the firm works are of the highest quality and the form of handmade clothing, which provides that exclusivity that is so sought after. The collections are also limited, with the creation of very few identical garments.

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Jaime Gallo

A name that today is a benchmark in terms of tailoring, a firm that rubs shoulders with the best and greatest tailors of international stature. In charge of dressing both King Felipe VI and the businessman Juan Abelló. High-quality garments, not only for the fabrics used, but for the way they are made, providing that spark that the master stands out so much.

Ertl & Cohn

What can I say about this firm, top couturiers for men like Luis Tosar or Gonzalo Miró. The firm Ertl&Cohn is a Spanish firm and more specifically from Madrid, the place where their workshops are located and where they create their pieces, a mix between traditional and avant-garde.

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Based on more traditional patterns but wrapped in color, which makes their designs adapt to different types of men. A firm that has been growing thanks to its genius, its good clothing, its top quality fabrics and above all, thanks to word of mouth.

The best tailors in the world

If we look at the best tailors in the world, we must leave out those mentioned above, because although they occupy relevant positions, we have included them in our section of The Best Spanish Tailors.

There are many firms on the market that present elegant and very current collections, however, there is nothing comparable to wearing a suit made especially for you, which fits each part of your body perfectly and is capable of hide everything we don’t want to be seen.

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The obligation of any tailor is to take a good piece and make a beautiful, flattering and comfortable garment out of it. A tailor-made suit gives us a special touch of elegance and distinction, without giving up modernity and comfort. If you want to see the pleasure of wearing a nice tailoring suit, then we tell you which are the best places to do it.


If you want to wear an impeccable suit, you should go to Italy to Naples, there you will find the Rubinacci firm considered the top of the bespoke, in the world. Visiting its workshops to go back to the 16th century, not in vain is it located in a palace from this century, something that already envelops you in an atmosphere of elegance, design and quality.

Its creator, Gennaro Rubinacci, created this firm in 1932, where he soon stood out for including unstructured and unlined jackets in the classic cut, something unthinkable. Today and within 54 hours, from when your measurements are taken, the pieces of your suit will be cut and in a week you will have it ready to wear.

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Caid Modern Tailoring

Move to Tokyo, Japan to meet at the workshops of the firm Caid Modern Tailoring, where the first thing that will surprise us will be the New York character of his studio. Its creator, Yuhei Yamamoto, is considered one of the best tailors on the world scene. If Caid Modern Tailoring is characterized by something, it is to obtain the most exclusive and special fabrics, fabrics that are difficult to find, belonging to very exclusive collections. If you have a month, which is how long it will take to deliver our garment, once the measurements have been taken, and if your economy allows it, travel to Japan and wear a unique and incomparable design.


If we visit London, we cannot stop walking through the elegant streets of Savile Row and Jermyn Street, where the most elegant men have traditionally dressed, since it is in this street where the best tailor shops in the world are located. We can consider it the golden mile of tailoring and it is there, since 1849, that the Huntsman firm has maintained its tailoring workshop.

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A very British style that has been able to maintain over the years and despite having changed owners, although since 2015, the firm has returned to its original levels, giving that touch of distinction and personality that so much Laurence Oliver or Prince Edward VIII himself liked it.

If you want to wear a Huntsman suit, you only have to wait 8 weeks, then you can wear a classic, timeless suit with that luxury and distinction that surrounds the firm’s clothing.

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