Summer smells good with Lacoste Noir!

summer smells good! Lacoste Noir L.12.12 is one of the great novelties of the French firm for this summer season and aspires to become the main protagonist of the summer season. With a woody and masculine touch, it is a very intense fragrance. I have had the pleasure of trying it and I want to tell you all the details of the new Lacoste fragrance, Noir.

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When it arrived at the newsroom I was surprised by the detail on its exterior, I’ll tell you. At first glance it may seem like a simple opaque bottle, black in color and with raised sides.

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However, the detail comes with the Lacoste logo, the mythical crocodile is glued on the front of the bottle, and it’s made of fabric! Thanks to this, of this fragrance, we can underline the elegant aspect as well as the casual one.

Once I had seen the original detail of the logo, it was time to try the fragrance, which is really important, right? Despite being an intense and warm fragrance with a slight woody touch, it does not lose its freshness, not unlike darkness, where the elements of day and night come together to create a unique moment to offer the warm sensation of a night of summer.

The first time you try the fragrance of Lacoste L.12.12 Noir, you notice the refreshing aroma of watermelon. In the same way that the aromas are intensified by the warmth of the afternoon with the breeze of Egyptian basil, they are revealed with aromatic hints of verbena and lavender.

The dark chocolate together with the cashmera, patchouli and coumarin wrapper that makes it sensual caresses our skin as if it were soft cotton. Very intense, refreshing and masculine, which together with the sensual warmth are the main sensations to highlight in the fragrance of Lacoste L.12.12 Noir.

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Here’s a perfect fragrance for summer!

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