Summer and sun: Tips for easy care for men

Summer is here and with it comes one of our main claims, baths! Sun! Unfortunately, the vacation period and long stays at the beach also lead to a greater exposure of our skin to UV rays. Luckily, and not everything was going to be negative, there is increasing awareness about the importance of protecting, precisely, said skin from cancer and many other dermatological pathologies. In this article we are going to focus on the care of one of the most delicate areas of the boys, their face. Providing, along the way, various tips to keep it protected and nourished during the much feared summer months. And it is that male facial care is as important as female to keep us healthy and delay premature aging of the skin.

A perfect face

The first step before starting any treatment is knowing what type of skin we have. And it is that the type of skin (dry, oily or intermediate) will depend on the care carried out on our face. Something that will also affect issues such as possible marks, scars, spots or any type of skin hypersensitivity.

Sweat, dead cells or dirt are some of the main causes of most imperfections, such as pimples or points black, that appear on our face. That is why correct cleaning and hydration should always be the first step to look the best, and healthiest, appearance. And for this it is important to combine daily (morning and night) generous washings with water with a cleanser with which to tone, clean the pores and eliminate excess (or cover the lack) of fat. Thermal water moisturizer or anti-fatigue face cream are great options.

Protection against the sun

If you are going to opt for long exposures to the sun, remember that it is not enough to hydrate yourself, since you are going to need an adequate sunscreen for the degree of protection that your skin requires. And yes, despite the urban legends, it is also necessary to use said protector on the face.
Care is not limited to “during” but also “after”. That is why revitalizing treatments (aftersun) are also essential to soothe the male epidermis. On the other hand, although it is not a treatment in itself, using a nourishing shaving foam or cream helps to mitigate the effects caused by the blade. Something that, in the end, has an impact on a less dry and damaged face.

Try to use products for daily use and broad spectrum. The ultra-light emulsion with SPF protection factor is perfect for daily use due to its revitalizing and refreshing properties.

A cared for and clean skin is a healthy skin

It may be obvious to many, but taking care of our skin goes far beyond a simple aesthetic matter. And it is that correct male facial care has an impact on our own health. Getting, by the way, a much more luminous, nourished, clean and hydrated skin and, most importantly, avoiding a multitude of diseases related to the skin itself.

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