Style guide: The scarf for spring/summer 2013

When we begin to put aside the cold for the arrival of Spring, the The solution is found in the scarf, or handkerchief, whatever you want to call it. This one doesn’t bite, it doesn’t do any kind of damage. A lightweight piece of cloth made of cotton, thread or knit that we place around the neck and helps us with the less intense cold of spring. Scarf for spring-summer 2013.

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It is already a little late to reuse the handy scarf that your girlfriend/wife gave you several years ago, although it continues to “scratch” a little in the morning. The firms think of everything and that is why they began to launch scarves on the market, a garment that will help you not to “arrive like a bird” at the office.

Style guide: The scarf for men

Now you don’t have to take the first scarf you see and tie it around your neck because “it’s what you wear”. You should start safe, if you have no idea of ​​style, and adapt it as best you can to your style. Accessories reveal a lot about your personality and you should choose them correctly.

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If you consider yourself a beginner, you have no idea, the basics that you should keep in mind for day to day are those that are made of knitted or cotton in colors such as: grey, beige, brown.

Scarf HE By MANGO: €19.99

When you control a little more and get used to the basics. You can start to include a small personal “twist to your look”, that is, opt for classic prints in basic colors. For example the color blue, green or even gray.

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Scarf Massimo Dutti

Now comes the time for the most daring. For these there is a huge variety of prints in various colors: pasley, with small prints, abstract and even with skulls. Shall we see them?

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And you, do you dare with the scarves? I leave you a video of the different ways to put on your scarf.

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Video of the different ways to put on your scarf

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