Stretch marks in men Why do they appear and how to eliminate them?

Stretch marks in men are more frequent than you think and, although it may seem that It is a problem that affects women, the truth is that it does not distinguish between sex. Here’s why these marks appear and how you can effectively remove them.

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The problem of stretch marks is usually associated with women, especially in stages of major hormonal and physical changes such as pregnancy; but really his appearance goes much further.

It is produced by tissue breaks and this is something that can happen in both men and women.

Although its appearance cannot always be prevented, it can improve the condition of the skin and prepare it for sudden changes in volume, whatever the reason.

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Besides, once they appear, all is not lost; creams, aesthetic treatments and healthy lifestyle habits will help you get rid of this problem.

Do you want to know more? Well, in this post, we tell you everything you need to know about this dermatological problem, what are the main causes of its appearance and how to reduce its appearance or even eliminate it completely.

What are stretch marks?

They are line-shaped marks that look very similar to a scar; and that’s where the shots go.

When there is a sudden change in body volume, the fibrous tissue can break, giving rise to these atrophies, which are red at first and turn white over time.

In general, in men they tend to appear in some conflictive areas such as the abdomen, lower back, shoulders and arms, which are the areas that accumulate the most fat and, therefore, look most affected by weight changes.

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Types of stretch marks

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are basically two types: reddish or purple, and white or silver.

The red ones are the most recent. Their color indicates that there is still irrigation in the area and that is good news because it means that they can be removed more easily than the white to grayish ones.

And it is that when the marks turn white, that means that the tissue has already healed over the years and the blood no longer irrigates the area. In this case, it will take much more than the use of creams to reduce or even eliminate them.

So, ultimately, it’s better to treat them from the moment they appear because the more time passes, the more difficult it becomes to get rid of them completely.

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Why do they appear?

The appearance of stretch marks in men is closely linked to sudden changes in volume and this is not only related to weight loss diets.

If you go to the gym, in fact, we advise you to take great care of your skin if you do not want to have to regret its appearance when the fibers of the skin tissue break due to the increase in musculature.

Although hormonal changes affect women more in this sense, stretch marks can also appear in men during adolescence, which is when the body develops and grows more.

Genetics also play a decisive role in the formation of these marks; and it is that if your parents have had or have this problem, it is most likely that you will end up having them whatever you do.

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Stress, poor diet or lack of hydration are other factors that influence the appearance of this dermatological problem in the male gender.

Can they be prevented?

Although there are many who assure that this dermatological problem can be prevented, unfortunately, this is not always possible.

Reducing stress, eating foods rich in protein and antioxidants, and moisturizing the skin well are some of the recommendations to keep the skin more elastic and better able to withstand distension.

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Of course, when the weight change is very abrupt, it is quite difficult to prevent its appearance and even more so when the genetic factor comes into play.

Stretch marks in men: How to eliminate them?

As we have already seen, stretch marks can be red and white. If you want to eliminate them completely, you should choose the most appropriate treatment depending on the type you want to treat. Here we show you which are the most effective.

Anti-stretch mark creams

They are of great help when it comes to preventing and also to reduce their appearance, thanks to their formula that is generally enriched with ingredients that hydrate and regenerate such as centella asiatica, rosehip, sweet almond oil and coconut or shea butter.

They also have a high content of antioxidants that protect the skin against free radicals, preventing the degradation of skin collagen. This is essential to improve your condition and prevent fiber breakage.

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If you combine them with other treatments, you will notice better results. We also recommend that you apply the cream with a massage using circular and upward movements.

Apart from facilitating the absorption of the cream, it will help improve blood circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Radio frequency

It is one of the most demanded treatments and it is not for less. This technique combines monopolar and bipolar radiofrequency. It generates heat on the skin, stimulating the formation of new collagen and elastin fibers and also helps to improve blood microcirculation and oxygenate the tissues.

It is specially indicated to eliminate white stretch marks. In addition, it is completely painless and non-invasive, you just notice a little heat in the area that is treated.

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It is somewhat more invasive than the previous one, but it is worth it considering its excellent results. This technique is based on the infiltration of substances that help to regenerate even the innermost layers of the dermis.

It is done with microneedles, but it is not painful. The needles are very thin, they are barely noticeable. In addition, an anesthetic spray or ice can also be applied to the areas to minimize discomfort.


And speaking of needles, microneedling is another of the most popular treatments to remove these marks. In fact, it is recommended to treat both red and white stretch marks.

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This technique is also somewhat invasive, but even less than mesotherapy. A roller with many needles is used. As it passes through the skin, it makes small punctures that the body identifies as wounds.

It is then when the body produces more collagen and elastin, significantly improving the condition and firmness of the skin.


The most widely used is the fractional CO2 laser. It is based on the application on the skin through small shots. This treatment increases the production of collagen and elastin and is perfect for treating white stretch marks, although it can also be used on red ones.

In summary, stretch marks in men are much more frequent than you think. If you want to eliminate them, you will have to lead a healthy lifestyle and resort to one of the treatments that we have explained to you.

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