Stibens, Premium sunglasses at an incredible price

Looking for some new sunglasses? We bring you a new firm that we have just met and that has pleasantly surprised us. It has incredible designs, high quality materials and, best of all, at a reduced price. We are talking about the Stibens firm, which offers quality products and responds to the latest market trends.

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Premium glasses at a low cost price!

Sunglasses are an essential accessory, no matter what season we are in. For this fall winter 2016-2017 season, at the Stibens firm, they have discreet but incredible models with which we will look perfectly.

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Quality in its materials: frames and lenses

It is as important to protect ourselves from UV rays in summer as it is in autumn and winter. As you already know, Spain is one of the European countries that has the greatest number of hours of sunshine and that forces us, on many occasions, to use sunglasses. Why not protect our eyesight with quality sunglasses with amazing design?

The frames of Stibens sunglasses are made of a high quality and highly resistant material, cellulose acetate. This is rare in “low cost” models and will make our Stibens glasses have great durability. You don’t pay for low quality materials like with others!

The lenses meet the same quality standards as the frames since they are 100% polarized and perfectly block light that can damage our eyesight.

Stibens sunglasses models

Stibens sunglasses have a unisex design, combining the traditional style with the latest trends in sunglasses such as bicolor lenses, oval lenses,… In their catalog we will find 9 models and they are the following:


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Santa Monica




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The price of Stibens sunglasses

What characterizes the Stibens glasses models is the quality of their materials and their low price. Stibens unisex models are priced between 50 and 55 euros. A very small quantity considering the premium materials.

Stibens | Inspired by the sun

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