Sportswear style on your feet

In our weekly shoe article, today we focus on a sporty style with an urban influence with which you can highlight your own personality through this part of the look so important.

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One of the shoes that I like the most for this type of look is this brown model from the brand Schechers that you can also find in black. Both colors are very easy to combine and their worn tones enhance the urban style.

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Another of the shoes that you can put at your disposal is this one from the Bugatti brand with soft colors but with the logo of the brand embroidered on the side, for many it loses its charm, although there are also many who choose it for their informal style.

We finish with this latest model from the Ed Hardy brand, slip-on sneakers inspired by graphics and tattoos that give life to this shoe. All of it is made of textile except for the sole, which is made of rubber.

What brand do you usually choose to get your urban looks or sportswear?

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