Small tattoos for men on the arm

That painting the skin is fashionable, it is a reality that continues to grow in this 21st century. Now, that small tattoos are the choice of the moment, it is undeniable. Discreet, ideal for any area, fun… Anything goes when the tattoo is XS. Of course, in this case, we are going to show you a few small tattoos for men on the arm

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But of course, when the time comes to choose, doubts arrive. What do I wear? What do I do? In case it helps you, here are some small tattoos for men on the arm. Tattoos for all tastes and colors. Of course, in size XS.

Small tattoos for men on the arm: whale

Simple, fun like few others and it gives you the opportunity, if you plan to fill the whole arm, to make your own zoo. In addition, the price of these simple tattoos is usually very affordable. How much does a tattoo cost? The price of the tattoo according to the area. What better than to start your collection of animals with a whale

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Small tattoos for men on the arm: Space Invaders

For the most veteran gamers, this would be a tribute to one of the great and pioneering games in history: Space Invaders. One of the invading Martians so difficult to defeat, drawn on your wrist forever. A spectacular option if you like video games.

Small tattoos for men on the arm: dragon

Despite the fact that Game of Thrones ended a long time ago, the mark it has left is still more than valid. There are those who chose to call their daughter Khalessi or Arya, you can choose to draw Drogon on your arm. The design is amazing and it is a tattoo that you will never get tired of.

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Small tattoos for men on the arm: family

If you are going to tattoo the silhouette of your family, make sure of two things. The first, that you are not going to have more children or, in the future, the tattoo will be a problem with which it does not appear. Second, that your partner will be for life, because the tattoo will be.

Small tattoos for men on the arm: happy/sad

A stroke, four points and the possibility of being sad or happy in a single movement. It all depends on the perspective, but the possibilities offered by such a simple design and at the same time so complete are incredible. One of the most original small tattoos for men on the arm that you can get.

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Small tattoos for men on the arm: son/daughter

The mother, the son and the date. This small tattoo for men on the arm does not need much more to be wonderful.

Small tattoos for men on the arm: lamb in wolf’s clothing

The story upside down but wonderfully drawn. Be careful with some lambs that eat the wolves and use their skin to impersonate them.

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Small tattoos for men on the arm: name

It is a classic that never fails: put the name of your partner, your children or your own. Safe bet.

Small tattoos for men on the arm: you are my person

A somewhat strange love message but, after all, a love message. The good thing is that it works for anyone and you don’t have to delete it if, for whatever reason, the relationship ends badly.

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Small tattoos for men on the arm: Up

And speaking of classics, Up’s house with the balloons is one of the many tattooable wonders of Pixar.

Small tattoos for men on the arm: Star Wars

Star Wars tattoos have their specific section. Now, the stormtroopers are among the most tattooed in the saga.

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Small tattoos for men on the arm: aliens

This combination of humor and aliens is crazy. On one side, a torn photo tattooed. On the other, an alien and a UFO. Perhaps the funniest combination ever drawn on an arm.

And here are the ideas for small tattoos for men on the arm. If you want more, you can take a look at the best hand tattoo designs for men 2022

How much does it cost to get a full arm tattoo

Tattoos have become an identity for many of our artists, so every tattoo that an artist has carved on their body has meaning in their lives. Never forget that one of the most important criteria when choosing a tattoo is the price of the result. Hourly rates for a good artist, if you want a custom tattoo, are typically €100-€300 per hour. Therefore, depending on the size, the cost of a tattoo can reach several thousand euros. When tattoo artists work in a studio, the studio typically keeps a significant portion of the profits from their work in the form of commissions for the rental of space and the cost of materials the artist uses while working in the studio.

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Tattoos with only one color will be cheaper than tattoos that use many different inks. This is because a colored tattoo requires more detail and the more detailed it is the longer it will take and as the cost increases by the hour those who do not want to spend more on the tattoo can go for just one color, most or one. the color is not available many details.

Men’s full sleeve tattoos

Full sleeves is something every tattoo lover wants to have, like this fabulous tiger with flowers.

If flowers are not your thing, you can put two animals, such as the tiger and the eagle.

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Or you can make an arm with everything in the geometric style.

Otherwise, you can opt for a Japanese tattoo style, but taken to the color black.

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You can wear a huge tattoo of the god Thor and Norse mythology.

Men’s tattoos for the arm in color

Look how the face of an Indian woman can be in color.

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Compasses are a tattoo that never go out of style.

And in the same way as with the previous one, we can add a little watercolor style color, as if they were northern lights.

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Or this Anubis, in full color, in the purest style like the Yu Gi Oh anime.

Otherwise, you can always choose a traditional model or design.

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Men’s tattoos for the arm in black

If what you want is a black tattoo on your arm, you just have to take a look at these tattoos to get some ideas. You can opt for a traditional-style roses.

Clouds, like the ones on this forearm, can be a great opportunity to cover a lot of skin.

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If you are a lover of geometric style, check out this design.

And if not, bracelets like this give you the opportunity to show off a basic and simple tattoo.

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And if you are a lover of new styles, check out this tattoo of the forest with the moon.

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