Stylish shoes: Clarks

When you are looking for elegance and style in the way you dress, one of the brands that you always have to take into account is Clarks. Do you know all the shoe models that you have at your fingertips? One of the brands that designs shoes for both men and women with their own personality.

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When looking for footwear, you not only need a shoe that is perfect for your feet, suitable for the way you dress or that makes you feel comfortable with yourself. But not only do we have to look for these three facets, but the most important thing is to find a shoe that produces well-being.

This English brand began its history in the 19th century at the hands of Cyrus Clark, a sheepskin tanner. The first footwear he created was with his brother and the first sheepskin shoe was born, which, as you can imagine, must have been incredibly soft and comfortable. The three adjectives that would define this brand from its beginnings to the present are tradition, authenticity and contemporary.

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The first model that we have selected belongs to the Spartoo online store, a classic model that never goes out of style and on this occasion, this berdy has a perfect Clarks golf toe that is combined with white. Quality, fashion and comfort in a single model.

If you like a more casual style, you can also find different brand shoes in this same store.

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