Shave for an interview with Xtreme 3 by Wilkinson

Men who have combination or normal skin, as I already said in the article about the best razors according to your skin type, can choose both manual and electric razors. That luck they have. If you are more of a manual razor, I advise you to use the new Wilkinson Xtreme 3. Do you have an interview? Remember that image is very important, shave!

Remember that the image is the first thing that enters the interviewers, so do not forget to go clean shaven. I already reminded you in the article on how you can go to a job interview, try to go as clean-shaven as possible or, failing that, with a well-groomed beard. Use quality razors for such an action and the Wilkinson Xtreme 3 do the job.

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For everything to go smoothly you will need a perfect face. Do not be naive, the image is the first thing that enters the eyes, have your skin perfectly hydrated, that makes you look as attractive as possible. You are nervous? Relax, don’t panic. Wilkinson’s Xtreme 3 will give you the hand you need to achieve your goal.

Wilkinson’s disposable razors, Xtreme 3, incorporate 2 bands fully lubricated with vitamin 2 and aloe vera, to hydrate your skin while you shave, avoiding skin irritation. You can also enjoy a maximum and sensitive rush, showing off your face.

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