Sandals and espadrilles for men at -60% in the summer sales

Sandals and espadrilles are footwear that appreciated in the summer. After being covered in thousands of layers and stiff boots all winter, it’s finally open-toe season. Remember that this shoe is for the hot months of the year and should be as comfortable as possible. Today I want to bring you the trends in summer footwear: Men’s sandals and espadrilles.

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In summer it is very important to take care of our feet. Extreme sweating due to high temperatures causes our feet to suffer and therefore end up with irregularities. That is why we must choose the correct footwear. For example, espadrilles and sandals for men are perfect for this summer.

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This type of footwear, as a general rule, tends to be a bit expensive, but it doesn’t have to. If you know how to search well you will find the perfect footwear at a very good price. Here are some examples:

The most comfortable footwear for men: Sandals

Men’s sandals are the star footwear this summer. Sandals are open footwear that allow our feet to be ventilated without suffering from the annoying summer heat and, as a consequence, sweating.

This is footwear (image) is perfect for those who take long walks. Similar to the Roman model that hold the entire foot well. You will find them at a 10% discount.

Espadrilles for men

Men’s espadrilles are widely used. It is as if you went out into the street completely barefoot. This year they continue to be a trend and we can find them in all stores. A very cool shoe that will help make a summer much more bearable.

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Yes, these shoes are for day to day, not for use in the most special events. You have to know when to use them.

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