S. Oliver: urban-style low boot

One of the most striking trends for this season is the one proposed by the S. Olivier brand with its leather boots that become in one of the best options for urban style footwear fashion.

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In today’s article we will talk about:

  • The S. Oliver brand

  • Brand models

  • Spartoo Store

  • Brand Story

    This brand was created in 1969 in Germany and has not stopped evolving up to the present moment in which it has become an important footwear brand in Europe.

    This brand designs chic and casual footwear, perfect for attending any type of event. In addition, the materials from which they are made are of absolute quality: leather, esparto grass and cotton, and even comfortable.

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    S. Oliver

    The two models that I have selected to represent what you can find in the S. Oliver brand are two beige models, one with a low boot and the other with a slightly higher boot with which you will be able to obtain different looks from the same type of footwear.

    Spartoo Store

    Sometimes, in Spain it can be difficult for us to find the European brands that enter our fashion stomping.

    One of the options we have to find European brands is through the network, you can see the S. Oliver brand in the Spartoo online store.

    In this online store you can find both national and international brands in the market, footwear for men and women, boys and girls, bags, suitcases, accessories, textiles, etc.

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    One of the most interesting aspects is that you will receive your purchases in a maximum of 6 days, you can find different promotions and discounts to make them cheaper. In addition, if you have to return or exchange the product you can do it for free if it is within a maximum period of 30 days.

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